Pagers: Keeping Up with the Times

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In today's generation where instant communication among peers and family members has been the trend, it is quite surprising to learn that the use of pagers is still steadily growing every year in spite of the rise of cell phones as main communication gadgets used by everyone. One may ask that a person using a pager instead of a cell phone is walking backwards off civilization; but if you truly understand the niche of paging services, then you might consider changing what you think about it.

As of the moment, there is are currently millions upon millions of people who use pagers as their primary communication tool in the United States which is just amazing because that number continues to be a growing statistics every year. Typically, people who use pagers are those in the business working class or working in hospitals but there are also those individuals not tied up with corporations and hospitals who still use the gadget. Here are some reasons why many still prefer to use a pager instead a cell phone.

Perhaps the main reason why many professionals would rather use a pager than a cell phone is because of the former's larger signal range than the latter. The latter would have to contend and rely on the vicinity of a cellular site or tower while the former does not. Instead, pagers use radio satellites and towers to transmit communication signals.

This reason alone already sets the pagers apart from their more recent communication brethren which are cellular phones. Pagers have a wider and larger signal range and higher percentage of availability rather than cellular phones. With the ability of the pager to be available nationwide, a pager can easily be activated even if the owner is far away from the other person's pager. One good example is how a pager can be activated and not restricted during airplane rides which cannot be done with having a cell phone.

While the older and earlier pager prototypes were admittedly large, bulky, and clunky, with the habit of producing annoying alerts and where the screen only comes with a return call number, now the new alpha-numeric Pagers have been greatly improved to match the ever-growing needs of users. Today, one can marvel at how a typical pager has an LCD screen that can be scrolled, an email capability, ability to use two-way communication, and even cute, pleasant ring tones that can be at par with those found in cellular phones.

Indeed, big companies spanning the length and breadth of the country still use Pagers as a primary communication tool to keep mobile staffs that are always on the go up-to-date on any important event happening within the company. This important function the paging system perfectly handles with much lower costs than a regular cell phone plan has.

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