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Often people are hearing this term when they are downloading movies. What p2p exactly stands for? It means peer-to-peer movies. Since they are using high end p2p technology for downloading movies the movies itself called as p2p movies. In this technology each party has the same capability and anyone can start the download process. Peer-to-peer is a type of high end technology and all users of same inter network with networking plan are allowed to download movies directly from the hard disks of others. One important advantage of this technology is it speeds up the process of downloading thereby reducing the required time to download a movie. In this type of movie download each computer acts as both server and client depending upon the requirement of the other server. If you are accessing from the server of someone, then you are client and from where you are accessing becomes your server and it can be vice versa.
Unlike the ordinary networks, these networks have high-speed, for speeding up the download process. Here, actually we are not downloading from any site instead we are getting it from other users in our network. It is something similar to social networking sites just like orkut or twitter. You can get access to millions of users directly and download from them without any cost. All that you need to do is communicate with them with few messages and your work is done.

Some famous p2p movie collections are as follows. These are legal to download and are in public domains now. We are providing them in increasing order of their releases.

• Leagues Under the Sea -was introduced in the year 1916 and now you can easily get it with the help of this technology.
• The 39 steps-1935
• Gulliver's Travels-1939
• Flash Gordon series-1940
• Cyrano de Bergerac-1950
• Hercules-1958
• Two Women and Little Shop of Horrors -1960
• Bloodlust -1961
• Charade-1963
• McClintock!- 1963
• Sons of Hercules -1963

However, currently these movies are under examination since several movie companies bear everything to get their movie done. Even though you can find many movie downloading sites, but one who is providing this type of movie is very rare. It is because of its high quality and speed availability. Most sites can't afford to put since they cost bit high when compared with normal technology.


• High-speed and easy to access.

• Can directly download from someone's hard disk instead of searching for good movie.
• DVD quality picture with great sound effects.
• Can bring back life to old movies that you ever seen.

The concept of p2p movies is gaining importance nowadays. Some web sites charge some fee to become a member. It is better to become a member of paid sites offering this facility rather than free web sites since they offer a better service.

Vicky Dangi is Senior Editor & Site Reviewer for www.Movies-Download-Here.com ., He has over 10 years of internet and website review experience.

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