Own a classic giclee print of a great art work

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Technology or gadgetry has taken over the world. Amazing developments are seen in the printing technology. With the help of printing technology the prints produced on the canvas are as good as the original. Prints of the famous art works using the digital printing technology are called Classic giclee prints or the iris prints. The technology has proved to be boon for both the artists and the people equally. An artist could sell his work to multiple buyers. A high resolution photograph or a scan is to be loaded into a computer. It is then carefully analyzed by an expert to rectify any blemishes or to add effects. The edited version is printed which is a stunning beauty. While the photo or the scan is on the computer any change can be included. Any photograph, be it digital or a conventional print can be turned into giclee prints.

The word ‘Giclee' owes its origin to French language. It means spraying and magnificent giclee canvas print of museum quality is created exactly by spraying the paint. The multiple inkjet printer sprays high quality ink to print the picture on to the canvas.

Giclee canvas prints have revolutionized the world of art. There are many more conversions of photographs into canvas prints than there were before. Photographers have cashed the opportunity to make their work interesting and increase their sales. Giclee canvas prints have opened new doors for the people in the graphic design market. Many art schools are providing training for interested candidates. The equipment required for giclee printing is not very expensive. Some of the fine art works have been reproduced which has made them affordable and the technology very popular. It is not just limited to the digital photography. A photograph can be used to get a print on the canvas. The conventional photos have to be scanned under a high resolution scanner to get a bright print. Any blemishes or flaws can be corrected by the computer to obtain the best result.

The durability of the print is guaranteed only when care is taken. Care should be taken to keep it away from direct sunlight and moist walls. The material is only water resistant and not water proof. Dust should not be allowed to settle on the print it has to be brushed off from the surface from time to time using a fine brush. Only in such conditions the bright- ness of the print can be retained for all the claimed hundred years. They gained the respect of a family heirloom because of the longevity of the print. The beauty they add to a home or an office is unsurpassable. It is an awesome gift idea. A wedding, anniversary or a birthday can be all the more special by gifting them a wonderful classic giclee print. There is a very wide selection of fine art prints available in different sizes. Prints of modern art, classic paintings or abstract art are sold in art galleries, art fairs or even in auction houses.

About us: Giclee canvas prints have revolutionized the world of art. There are many more conversions of photographs into canvas prints than there were before.

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