Overview of the Protoss Race of Starcraft 2

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In SC2, the Protoss are a race of hi-tech aliens. They employ powerful technology as well as large, powerful units to completely overwhelm their enemies.

I've devised this SC2 Protoss Strategic Guidelines so you can perform well as a Protoss player. Below you as a player will find every bit of info you may need in order to get good at the Protoss race.

I regard Protoss to be an intermediate race. It is rather easy to play Protoss properly simply by utilizing Low Tech ground units. It isn't as easy as the Terran's MMM, however Protoss are definitely much less complicated to perform well with than The Zerg.

Each race provides its advantages and disadvantages. When considering SC2 Protoss strategy, here are their pros and cons:


- Fastest structure constructing race.

The Protoss are unique where they don’t assemble structures but rather warp them in from their home planet. When building, a probe simply has to start warping in the structure and doesn't have to stick around.

The only limitation is mainly that structures must be placed within the realm of a pylon. That being said, a single probe can construct multitudes of buildings at once provided there's enough minerals as well as pylon space is accessible.

- Powerful mid-to-late game

Protoss possess plenty of superb late game troops and is able to build overwhelming firepower if given enough time. They're also able to warp in a whole new army very rapidly using Warp Gates.

- Greatest defending building.

Their Photon Cannon is the best automatic turret in-game. It is the only building that is a detector and can attack ground units. At a fairly low cost, this structure can single handedly impede multiple forms of mineral harassment such as dark templar and reapers.

Be aware not to construct an excess of them; countless Protoss players fail terribly at SC2 Protoss race strategy as they rely excessively upon Cannons and not enough on troops! Despite how powerful Cannons are, they are even then stationary which also are not useful in regards to positioning considering once your opponent is aware of their placing, they can move their units around them.


- Slowest starter

This is definitely the largest weak point of the Protoss. The Protoss are easily outpaced at the beginning. Gateways take the longest to build and Basic ground troops move slower as compared to other races' ground units like Zerglings and Reapers.

Even with Zealots in play, a skilled micro opponent can move around them using ranged and even speedy units. The majority of higher level players consider one of the best SC2 Protoss tactic is to grab 1 Gateway and then the Cybernetics Core so they can quickly begin training Stalkers.

- Effortlessly harassed

This can be due to the longer time it takes to start. It's simple for opponents which chose a different race to cause mayhem upon Protoss resource gathering. Zerg race opponents can field Zerglings lightning fast and then attack probes while running circles around Zealots. Note that you may be forced to send Probes to fend off a Zergling rush!

Furthermore, the Terran's Reaper, can cause huge damage onto probes in a short period of time.

Currently, there's 2 tactics the Protoss player have available. He can build several photon cannons nearby his mineral base; the downside is that unit production and teching will slow down.

On the other hand, the Protoss player can rush straight to getting Stalkers (to "tech" is to quickly build structures to train stronger units). The downside to this tactic is you will be open to zerglings while teching up.

The safest way is to scout your enemy. If you see he is rushing to Zerglings or Reapers, you can better prepare for it using Cannons or Stalkers.

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