Outsource Digitizing Saves the Small Company Investment

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Many small companies supply digitizing services to both individuals and business enterprises. Many of them have the digitizing of the images or files used to run the software in their sewing machines done by outside contractors. What sells this service is how fast the orders can be turned around, and how good the work looks when it is stitched.

With the speed of email, a simple order may be filled the same day, and even within an hour or two of the order being placed. Sewing companies are becoming more self sufficient, and more of them do their own digitizing than ever before, making the competition a bit tighter.

The process of design and creation follows a few general steps. A sewing company arranges credit with the digitizing company, or simply pays on a per job basis. The file with the design or emblem is emailed with pertinent information and scheduled time that the work needs to be completed. The digitizer company sends an invoice when the work is finished and upon payment, emails the files back to the sewing company.

Part of the necessary information for digitizing is the type of materials to be used for the stitching. For the program to run correctly, the digitized design must be stitched on the material that it was designed to be used on. If the logo or emblem will be used in more than one application, a program must be written for each. This is true when there are major differences in the fabric thicknesses and types for each application.

When this system works smoothly, it matters not that the work is outsourced. Most of the finished files are emailed back in zipped files because they may be too large in standard format.

Designs received by the digitizing contractor are assumed the property of those sending them. The digitizer company assumes no liability for the uniqueness of a design, but the sewing company can be at risk for using someone else's work. This is very true when using logos of sports teams and colleges.

Whether a person makes a design themselves or not, it is imperative to have the permission of the owner. Digitizer companies will not sell a design ordered by one company to another.

Whether a business chooses to Outsource Digitizing or not, the digital files do have a way of becoming corrupt and useless, so it is a good habit to save them in several folders to prevent accidental loss. Most of the embroidery digitizing service companies keep copies of completed files for as long as two months for a backup, too.

Outsource digitizing is an excellent way to ensure that the finished product is what you want it to be. An embroidery digitizing service can save on the cost of design when it has a dependable contractor to do that work.

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