Outdoor Lighting and Activities

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Lighting up the home for the holiday season is a great way to add warmth and a touch of holiday spirit.
Both solar and light emitting diode (LED) lights are great options for those looking to save energy and keep on budget. The lighting team at Canadian Tire has some holiday décor ideas that add warmth and beauty without breaking the bank.

The benefits of LED lights

• Energy efficiency - LED lights use 80-95% less energy than conventional lighting, saving money on energy bills.

• Safety - LED lights are made of non-flammable plastic epoxy that won't break, even when stepped on, and they run cool to the touch, making them a safe alternative for families with young children.

• Convenience - LED lights last up to seven times longer than traditional holiday lights, with a bulb life of 200,000 hours. They also require no replacement bulbs and have end-to-end connectors, that makes it easy to plug in multiple sets.
• Style - LED lights have a unique shape and shimmer that provide a beautiful, bright look both indoors and out. The benefits of solar lights

• Energy efficiency - Solar lights are charged during the day from the sun's light.

• Safety - With solar lighting there is no risk of electrocution and the lights are cool to the touch, making them safe for children and pets.

• Convenience - Solar technology can charge lights even on cloudy, winter days.

• Easy Installation - Solar lights can be placed anywhere outside your home without the hassle of extension cords. Decorating with LED lights

• Adorning the outside of the house with lights and decorations immediately sets a festive tone for family and friends. Try new LED fashion glow lights available in trendy colours such as tanzanite, lime green, purple and burgundy.

In addition to the traditional holiday activities, families may be looking for some fun physical activities that the entire family can participate in. The leisure team at Canadian Tire has put together the following suggestions to help keep the whole family entertained during this holiday season.

• Bundle the kids up with mitts and scarves and head to the closest hill to enjoy an afternoon of sledding. Sledding is a perfect outdoor activity for all ages that is both fun and physical.
• Canadian Tire has a variety of winter fun equipment, including snow tubes and snow racers. Younger kids will enjoy snow tubes, while older kids may want to try the snow scooter, great for the big neighbourhood hills

Ice Skating:
• Take your entire family to your favourite local skating rink, for an afternoon of ice skating.
• Ensure little ones have proper safety gear, such as a helmet, elbow and knee pads.
• Bring a thermos of hot chocolate and some holiday baking as a treat during breaks off the ice.

Snow Shoeing:
• Snow shoeing is a fun and affordable activity that can be done virtually anywhere outdoors - at a neighbourhood park trail or at the cottage.
• There are different types of snow shoes available for kids and adults, if you are a beginner, look for a recreational shoe that is meant for gentle and moderate walks.
• Keep your snow shoes in the trunk of your car so that you and your family are ready at a moment's notice.

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