Outbound Calls through Remote Access

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Usually, when you purchase a Non Geographic Number for your business, the main functionality that you look for is the inbound call routing. But Numbertalk customers have the ability to make outbound calls also through the eConsole as this is useful in many ways.

The international tariffs of Numbertalk are quite inexpensive compared to many other UK service providers. Calls to all destinations can be made in a cost effective way.

By using Force Caller ID, a different outbound number can be presented, thereby maintaining a professional image without revealing your private number to the person that you are calling. The calls that are made to the eConsole can be recorded and stored. It can also form part of the call statistics.

There are two ways in which Remote Access can be used. The first one is through a remote access menu. First you set up a new number with Numbertalk. Route all the inbound calls to this number to a Remote Access Menu. Then create a new Remote Access Menu with its own account number and PIN. Now, when the number is dialled, an automated operator will ask you to enter the account number and PIN followed by the number you wish to call.

You can also use the Call Back setting for remote access. Set up a new number as before and route the inbound calls to the ‘Call Back To’ setting. Then create a new Remote Access account in the eConsole. The automated operator will ask you to input the number that you should be called back on. The system then calls you on the number specified, asking what number you wish to call.

This would be clearer in the following case study.

Case Study:

Michelle runs a successful international property development business. She is part of a group that is involved in a huge property project. The group wants to develop property and sell to foreign nationals who are desirous of immigrating to the UK.

Michelle has assembled an outbound lead generation team who will source potential buyers from estate agents and emigration services across Eastern Europe.

The lead generation team works from home and therefore will have to call from their home telephones. To maintain the professional image of the company, Michelle purchases an 0800 number from Numbertalk with a Remote Access account. When the employees dial out, they punch in the 0800 number, the Account number and PIN before the International number they want to call. This ensures that all their calls are free of charge and Michelle benefits from low international rates.

You can use Remote Access with any numbers you purchase from Numbertalk including 0800 numbers, 0844 numbers and 0871 numbers.

Numbertalk also offers service plans on 0845 numbers, premium rate numbers, freephone numbers and 0330 Numbers.

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