Out Of the Box Points to Consider While Selecting an Enterprise App Development Company

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Selection of an appropriate mobile app developer to develop enterprise apps for your consumers and employees is very important for a company. If this process is concluded cleverly and carefully, the results will be long lasting and your app will pay you back for many years to come. There are three major steps for evaluating the calibre of any app development company while selecting one to design apps for you. Note that none of these steps relate to how great the website of that company looks or how great is the portfolio of that company. Social proof plays a major role in determining the purchase behaviour of the enterprises as they can judge how that company has tackled unique customers and their unique demands. However, it is not as important as it is usually considered. The concept of "buyers beware" should be on the top of the minds while selecting a mobile app development company for iPhone or Android app development. Here are the steps to select the best app developer to develop apps for your company.

Response time - This step usually occurs during the very first contact you make with an app development company. It is very important to see how much time the company takes in responding you back and how it respects your urgency. Suppose you have mailed your query and receive back a non-automated reply within 30 minutes, then that company is worth considering. Secondly, see whether the reply is made by phone or web. Of course, app development companies are busy these days, but they should follow a systematic approach to ensure that every query gets the deserved attention and solemnity.

Additional services – Whatever, the Google or the world says, I would advise that selecting an experienced app development company is far better than hiring a freelance or a part time app developer. This step will allow you to avail the services of app developers who have deep knowledge about that field and are aware of every small or big technology arriving in the market. An experienced app developer would develop apps in such a way that they integrate perfectly with your company's overall marketing strategy. The main aim of an app is to increase your visibility and if your consumers and users are not downloading or using your app, all the capital invested in it is wasted. A business owner should look for additional services from an app development company, which include:

1. Creating an SEO friendly app micro site

2. Creating promotional videos

3. Implementing a list building system

4. Few app development companies also undertake organizing a small party during the launch of your app.

As a clever business owner, try to avail maximum additional services from the company you have awarded your project to.

Project management – If it happens that the first reply given the company does not give you adequate information, or it replies you back in just one line then, don’t delay to move on to the next company. Such responses are indicators that the company is unprepared to dedicate necessary time and effort to your project. Ideally, in reply to your query, an app development company should send you a detailed Work Breakdown Statement (WBS) with milestones, timelines and every detail that could assist you in getting acquainted with the process. These are the fundamentals of any project and apps development project is no different.


Through this write up, I want business owners to break the shackles and look beyond the flashy websites or portfolios while selecting the app development company to develop an app for you. No doubt, they are important but there are many other points to care of that play a decisive role during the selection process.

The author works for a reputed name in the world of iPhone application development Dallas company. The enterprise mobile application development company has team of experienced app developer in Dallas has created more than 300 applications for clients from various industry verticals.

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