Our Skin Reflects How We Are Feeling

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Did you know that your skin is your largest organ on your body? Your skin shows everyone what you have been up to lately, and shows everyone certain actions you have been partaking in, such as:

* If you didn't get enough sleep, your skin will have the dark circles to prove it.
* If your skin is dull, you lack hydration.
* If your skin is wrinkled, odds are you didn't use a lot of sunblock when you were growing up or spent way too much time in the sun.

If you are looking for some skin care tips, here are a few good ones for today. These will help you avoid pimples and wrinkles.

* Avoid smoking. There are literally thousands of toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke and these toxins starve the skin of oxygen. A good supply of oxygen keeps the skin supple, so avoid smoking at all costs.
* Avoid stress. If you worry, you will see stress. If you need to burn off some stress, go for a walk or do some other form of exercise. Go to a spa, get a massage, take a chill pill. Do whatever you can do to avoid stress.
* Avoid sugar. Who doesn't like sugar? We all like it. But, it hurts your skin and rots your teeth. So avoid it at all costs.
* Sun. Too much sun causes wrinkles, sunspots, and other skin problems. Avoid the sun or make sure to cover yourself with enough sunblock to prevent any damage.

Remember that what you put in your skin stays there. When you apply skin care products, cosmetics or even face paint before that big Saturday morning football game - these things just don't stay on our skin. Our pores take it deep into the dermis and epidermis and these end up int he bloodstream. So, be careful not to apply a product that you know nothing about. Study ingredients and make sure to only apply the cream of the crop.

Proper skin care starts with hydration. If you are drinking water each day, you are doing a very good deed for your skin. Keep the skin hydrated, and it will glow. If you show that glow to the world, chances are people will look at you in a more positive light. Keep that in mind as you go through your daily routine.

If you really want to be glowing, apply a product with gold or another precious metal. Precious metals have been shown to have great anti aging traits, and are talked about in the same sentence as some of the high profile ingredients on the market now. A popular product is the non-surgical bionic treatment by Oro Gold Cosmetics.

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