Our Debt To Trees

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Our Debt To Trees
All of us humans owe a debt of gratitude to the humble tree. Without trees our whole existence would be near on impossible.

An encyclopedia could be written about the benefits of a tree. Just look around you wherever you are and you will see the products
of the tree. Wood in all its forms; furniture, houses etc. Paper in all its forms; books, newspapers etc. Drugs and medicine. Energy
from coal and oil and all its byproducts. Trees provide us with food; fruits and nuts. The list goes on and on.

Trees are the lungs of our planet and without them we would not be able to breathe. They are a giant filter system that extracts the
poisonous Carbon Dioxide given off from us, and then provides Oxygen for us to survive. It has been estimated that a mature tree
gives out enough oxygen in one season to provide for 10 humans the whole year.

These facts are only scratching at the surface of what that wonderful tree does for us. It must be said that leaving mankind out of it

the tree is an absolute MIRACLE of design and function. It has been around long before man appeared and in fact the oldest living
tree - a Christmas Tree -a spruce, to be found in Sweden, is thought to be nearly 10,000 years old by scientists. Many trees live
longer than 2,000 years. The Cedar tree being one.

I don't know about you, but I think it was a very wise God that provided us with such a benefit. Trees of course have played major
roles in religion around the world. The Garden of Eden had its trees of great importance. The Buddha meditated under a fig tree
until He reached enlightenment called Nirvana. In many Countries around the World, certain trees are regarded as sacred.

In spite of all this, the tree is regarded by many as "just a tree." Chop it down!

Now I will give you a mind boggling fact. There are an estimated 4 billion trees cut down a year, that is 10 million a day!

How many are planted ? This is not really known but I think that we need to give this a very serious look. Our very lives

depend on it, and I believe we are running behind.

On a personal level I have always loved trees. As a boy I once came across a lady hugging a tree. She explained to me that
it gave her a great sense of peace. I adopted that and still today, if I see a majestic tree, I will hug it. In times of stress I
have talked to a tree (oh oh here come the men with the straight jacket). You know what ? It seems that the tree
understands and gives off loving vibes.

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