Our Contribution Towards the Environment We Owe

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Our Contribution Towards the Environment We Owe

No matter what era was that or what time would it be, environment was important and would remain important for human lives on earth till eternity. When man evolved on earth, we had an enriched environment blessed with wide range of flora and fauna in it. However, gradually the human being started developing and one from becoming a full-fledged intellectual man from a early man they forgot their duties towards the mother earth. We to make our lives easier and luxurious forgot that we are harming the mother earth and environment very drastically. And when we have reached the alarming condition of global warming we are realizing the importance of a healthy environment. Intentionally or unintentionally man for his needs has exploited environment to a great extent. However these days people are getting awakened and realizing their duties towards the land and the nature. And this is the most appreciable sign that people around the world want to stay in or develop a environmentally responsible ways and are finding answers as to how can it be accomplished.

When we talk about who would lead this race of supporting environment and the nature, hospitality sectors comes first and foremost. So many hotels around the world are turning into environmental hotel.

What are environmental hotels?
Environmental Hotels are those which address all the needs of the guests yet in a environmentally responsible way. They tend to provide all best amenities to the visitors at the same time maintaining the ecological balance and greenery on earth. Not only that, they save a lot of different forms of exhaustible and non-exhaustible forms of energies. On top of that they also manages wastes by recycling them which have dual benefit; first that we are utilizing the wastes and secondly that we are minimizing pollution.

Some environmentally responsible and sustainable practices adopted by environmental hotel:
• Environmental Hotels are installing low-flow showerheads and sink aerators.
• They have switched to compact fluorescent light bulbs in infrequently used areas. They also are using sensors and timers for such areas.

• Environmental hotel management generally buys food and guest amenities in bulk, whenever possible.
• They use non-toxic or least toxic cleaners, paints, sanitizers, pesticides etc throughout.
• Environmental prefers to use reusable items like cloth napkins, ceramic dishes, glass cups etc instead of disposable items.
• They mostly donate the leftover food to a local non-profit organization or else they use a compost bin within the premises. They recycle the waste within the premises of the hotel.
• Environmental hotels mostly plant those plants which consume less water and are drought resistant.
• The best part is that they also have created many incentive programs to encourage the staff to take part in the implementation and improvement of environmentally responsible practices.

Eventually, we can say that if we concentrate and think we will find n number of ways to maintain and protect are environment but what is important is its implementation. Environmental Hotels have lead the way and now it is everybody's duty to support and promote it and we, at the end of the day, as a team, have to make our environment healthier and safer. Hence it is not only the duty of hoteliers but also guest to help this campaign work and succeed.

For more information visit: www.EcoGreenHotel.com

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