OtterBox Commuter Review for the iPhone 4

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Otterbox, A company whom is acknowledged as a popular innovator of casing for the Apple iPhone 4 mobile device, has various models which it sells. Of the multiple different models of casing in which OtterBox markets, we would like to look at the OtterBox Commuter series. Thus, here is our OtterBox Commuter review for the iPhone 4.

As we began our OtterBox Commuter review of the case the primary thing we researched was the material. The commuter casing is fashioned from a non-slip plastic scientifically known as "polycarbonate", closely followed with a layer of durable silicon within the middle layers. For those who are not familiar with the material "Polycarbonate", Polycarbonate is a toughened plastic on steroids. While it is used in many applications, it is well known for having uses in more acknowledged items such as bullet proof glass or a compact disk. OtterBox obviously isn't trying to protect your iPhone from a massive hail of gunfire, for if they were they would be losing out on the market and YOU SHOULDN'T be buying iPhone cases, but possibly investing into life insurance....All jokes aside, there is a reasoning for such tough material. Polycarbonate is known as a extremely tough plastic with literally no weight, perfect for a iphone. It is also known to be almost unbreakable, making it a clever choice. So adding Polycarbonate with your prized iphone is an amazing way to ensure no damage comes to your cell iphone. 1 bad thing however in regards to this material is while it offers unreal protective quality to your iPhone, this material is a lot more expensive than that of its rivals, acrylic and glass. If you had not already guessed, this is bad because it is applied in the retail price, which we personally would think is high for a case. One other thing to think about however is you are purchasing quality when you purchase Otterbox, not garbage, so like anything else you should expect a higher pricing. This is the first thing we reviewed during our OtterBox Commuter review.

The secondary thing we reviewed during our OtterBox Commuter review was the fit of its casing. Like most OtterBox products for individuals whom have tried the more popular "Defender Series", this case has that "bulkiness" to it. It pails in accompaniment to its big brother, "The Defender" however it is big none the less. This is truly this is 1 of those "cases" where "size doesn't matter". Are we right ladies? OK, bad joke, we know. Anyway, the Commuter does an outstanding job of covering the entire iphone, leaving outlets for all access ports and allowing easy access to those areas by folding back when needed. The iPhone is protected on the inside due to the silicon which is securely pressed once properly fitted, to absorb shock damage should the phone get slammed or dropped. The case is very tight and does not slip even remotely once installation is complete, a big positive in our humble opinion. On the flip side, the phone can feel a little unpleasant on the ear for time consuming calls if your the more sensitive type. Nothing big however. The typical OtterBox circle for the Apple symbol on the back remains sadly, not everyone likes representing the Apple logo even though we bought the iPhone 4. As for the actual fit, installation, and feel of this phone, we felt it was better than average. In the future however, they should work on making it a tad more easy for your ear in later releases. Next time we do another OtterBox Commuter review, we hope they will have built on this.

Reflecting back, if we had to judge this case in numbers during our OtterBox Commuter Review, we would rate it a 7.5/10. It is a great case and essentially a more modern and manageable "Defender" style case. Really what it boils down to is your use for for it. For example, Should you be a construction worker, most likely your iphone will see a lot of un-usual punishment. While the Commuter would do fine in our opinion, you may want to look into upgrading into a "Defender" case. The "Defender" series is pretty much short of a military grade TANK for your iphone if you don't mind carrying a brick everywhere with you. For everyone else, the Commuter works. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed our OtterBox Commuter review. We feel it is some of the best protection for iphone 4..

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