Original Oil Paintings - An Investment of a Lifetime

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When you want to buy original oil paintings, there are a few steps to take. Many times people buy a painting and believe that what they are getting is the original. However, with so many dishonest people in the world, there are many replicas or prints that are not the original. Original means the first of its kind that the artist actually painted. There is a set of steps that you can take to ensure that you are ready to buy an original art piece and how to make sure it is the real deal.

First you will need to decide what style of painting will fit in your space that you are trying to decorate. Do you want expressionism art, abstract art, realism art or impressionism art? With all of these styles, when you are buying original oil paintings you will be able to notice a few basic qualities about the piece. Normally with an original you will be able to see the brush strokes and there will be texture. Also, the colors will be very rich and effervescent. If you were to touch the painting lightly, you would be able to feel the coolness of the oil and you would sense a smell that would permeate your nose. Another quality you would be able to notice if the piece is unframed is that the paint will be very irregular where the canvas has been stretched over the frame.

After you determine what style of painting you want and the authenticity of it, you can then decide if the cost is too high. Normally buying original oil paintings is not too cost effective. However, you will be able to keep the artwork for many years to come for the future of your family to enjoy it. If you are looking to buy an original but would like to save money, a way to do this is to buy unframed piece of art. Generally a frame will add a few hundred dollars onto to the cost of the artwork.

Overall, buying original oil paintings is a wonderful investment that will last for a long time. If you make sure that you are buying what you really want and that it is actually an original, there is no doubt that you will be pleased with your purchase. Take time to research exactly what you want and buy when you are ready.

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