Organizing a quiz competition

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For an overall development of a human, cognitive development is very important which can be attained by some simple brain training sessions. Quizzing is the best brain exercise which is both knowledge sharing and fun at the same time.

Quizzes can be conducted for various audience types. They can be organized for school and college students as well as for corporate. They can be aimed at different audience be it adults, children or the entire family. In other words they can be an excellent way of raising money for your school, club or just providing entertainment for a family or corporate event.

Though quiz team competitions are often viewed as the pursuit of trivial knowledge, they encourage students to achieve academic excellence and increase their awareness of the world around them. For students it can be done for the academic purpose and as a fun activity. These competitions can help to test students’ accumulation and retention of knowledge in a real life situation, encourage independent study and academic excellence, recognize and appreciate non-traditional venues for competition, build self-esteem and school pride, empower students with a new understanding of what has been, what is now, and what can be and provide opportunities for faculty, students, parents and the community to work together.

Quizzes also play a pivotal role in corporate environment for employee engagement and brand building. Having an interactive session with employees can not only give relief to them from their workload but also act as a stress buster and increase their productivity and job satisfaction. Such events can help to make a good intra-firm environment by making the employees bond better through a work and fun medium, create awareness among them about the events that are taking place around the world, polish employees’ knowledge regarding company’s products and policies, motivate them by providing an energetic work environment, instill zeal into the conference though a fun quiz to engage the delegates and help in evaluation and retention of employees. It also creates brand image and value that is in accordance with the company image for a targeted audience. This is a win-win situation for both the parties. The participants are kept engaged the brand is positioning itself in the audiences’ minds.

Conducting a quiz event includes certain steps. First is to decide a venue of the event. Any venue can host a quiz event. It basically depends on the audience and type of the event. Once the venue has been zeroed in, further steps are undertaken. For any event getting people through the door is the most important part. It calls for advertising the event. Posters, flyers, local papers and radio together with good old fashioned word of mouth are all avenues to be followed. In the modern world, the use of technology and such sites as Twitter and Facebook are sure fire ways of increasing the prospective audience. The next step is to choose the quiz format. The format is decided by the quizmaster and his team. A typical quiz would normally consist of prelims plus a 4 or 5 round on stage finals. The finals can consist of dry, visuals, audio/videos and buzzer round. Once the quiz is rolled out, the
quizmaster engages with the contestants and audience through his wit and charm. It is essential for the quizmaster to feel the pulse of the audience and vary the energy levels accordingly. There are a lot of “behind-the-scenes” activities such as setting up the event backdrop, stage management, layout of the audience, setting the projector etc that ensures the smooth and proper organization of a quiz event. And not to forget to mention the prizes at stake which invariably affects the turnout to certain extent.

Quizzing is a mind game and it has probably become the world's most intellectual hobby- thus joining millions of people with a common and acute thirst for trivia and knowledge.

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