Organic Fabrics For Fair Trade Practices

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If we decide to go for the natural fabric and if we want to induce others too to follow the same path,we have to also take into consideration of the regulations of Fair Trade. These regulations are nothing but to adhere to the principles of fair and equal distribution of compensation for all those who are involved in this. This is legally binding and also ethically a standing point.

The harmful elements flow down stream from the cotton plantations are causing havoc along the way. The dead zones of Gulf of Mexico are a prime example of how the damage can be caused due to heavy pollution of chemicals which goes into the rivers. It not only making the fertile lands into barren one but also causing permanent damage to the endangered species.

Having taken a decision to go for only clothes that is organic or in other words without chemicals,we have to also take into account that the clothing which you are going to have,has to pass the test of fair trade regulations. The fair trade is nothing but to ensure legally and ethically that the workers who are engaged in the production of these items are treated fairly and their remunerations are in commensurate with their efforts

In fact,we can easily assume that it is the only way to maintain the sustainable growth of our earth. May be there is a negative side in the Fair Trade Regulations,i.e. the cost of production of these products will be increased. The reason being that the products supported with chemical fertilizers give a faster growth and those with natural ingredients can only give a steady growth which is more sustainable

The fact that for the production of organic clothes requires no pesticides and synthetic fertilizers,it also gives no irritation to the skin. This is due to the non inclusive of certain addictives which normally used to prevent wrinkles to the clothes. For example,the chemical Formaldehyde,a bonder substance for the wrinkle free cotton fabrics, is a confirmed chemical for causing irritating allergy,and also most likely to induce side effects of deformities of the infants and even to the extent of causing cancer.

As a general rule the present acceptable level of formaldehyde may not be that harmful for a vast majority of humans,but it does give a harmful impact to those who are susceptible to allergies. The countries like Japan and Sweden have already banned formaldehyde in cosmetics.

All the organic compounds are not safe in the strict sense. Few items like the coconut oil and some other natural oils are allergic to certain people. So one has to confirm of the properties before using it.

We have now organic detergents which give durability and wrinkle free look for the fabric. They are bio degradable substances which give no permanent impact on the eco systems.

A product by name Ice Melt Compound is one of their production which stands apart. They are really safe for the children and pets.

The Earth Friendly Products and its innovative approach will help the environment and the future generation. The internet and specialized retail stores will be giving all possible assistance.

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