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It is quite common that artists are a focused group of people, and because they devote so much time to inspiration and the actual craft and creation of their artwork, they sometimes do not spend a lot of time thinking about the secondary aspects of finishing a great work of art, such as the frame or framing accessories such as picture framing mat board. Picture frame mats are useful for several reasons in framing fine artwork that can including fine art photographs and paintings, and there are several different options available in picture frame mats in terms of cost, core, quality, depth and color.

A picture frame with mat board is used in order to keep the glazing from touching the surface of the artwork. When you use pre cut mat board, there is a bit of separation between the glazing and the surface of the artwork due to the depth of the picture framing mat board. This little gap allows for air circulation to be enhanced within the frame, which helps to keep moisture at bay. At the very least, should moisture somehow get inside the frame, having the picture frame mats in place will help to keep the water off the delicate surface of the art, which can become discolored or damaged if exposed to moisture.

Pre cut mat board is also used to hold the artwork in place inside the frame. Over time and due to gravity and the weight of the photograph or painting, the artwork can sag inside the frame. If it gets out of position, it can become wrinkled, which can damage the surface, and thus the picture frame mats help to prevent this from happening.

The pre cut mat board that you choose can be made out of paper or archival-quality products. For longevity of your fine artwork, you will want to select lignin-free pre cut mat board. Lignins and acids are found in wood products, and over time they can cause the artwork's surface to become yellowed and discolored. By using acid-free Bainbridge mat board, for example, you can help to make sure that your artwork remains beautiful well into the future. Bainbridge mat board costs a little more than paper mats, but it is twice the depth of other mats and adds the protective qualities mentioned, so it is well worth it, and it is the choice of museums and others who need conservation-quality products for the fine art framing supplies. Paper and less expensive picture frame with mat board options also come in a wide variety of colors, and the core color tends to be light, such as cream or white, while with premium-quality mats the core matches the mat color.

More information about mat board is offered at fine art photography framing suppliers online.

Susan Slobac is a consultant in the frame industry. Susan writes about trends in picture frame mats & picture frame with mat.

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