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So, here's a reason to love the artist known as Jenny from the Block. I'm talking about working mother of two-year-old twins, Jennifer Lopez, who hit home for me when she talked about her beauty routine — or lack of one on many days.

"I'm taking a bath and my son Max climbs in the bath or the shower," J Lo told my Red Lipstick Report Hollywood correspondent. "Literally, I don't have a minute for myself. Even if I'm going to the bathroom, my daughter will wander in and stand at my knee. I'll be busy and she will say, ‘Go outside?' Play, Mommy, play!"

"You can't spend tons of time on the hair and makeup. You have to go with the flow," J Lo says.

This made me smile because even Mrs. Mark Anthony, I-Look-Skinny-in-Beaded-Catsuits struggles with trying to look gorgeous, do everything and take care of the kids.

I felt for her. But let's face the truth pretty mommies: The bathroom is our one last sanctuary.

I remember when my kids were little. I used to go into the bathroom, lock the door and then put on my mascara just praying I wouldn't hear a big crash from the outside. Yes, I was selfish and stayed in there a whole four or five minutes….six or seven, if I had to pee and put on lip-liner during the same trip.

I'll never forget the day when I was the makeup artist for a major national TV commercial for Heinz gravy. A Thanksgiving table was beautifully set and the chairs were filled with the most ideal TV family including adorable children. Well, the director thought that one of the kids had huge ears, so he told me, "Pin that kid's ears back."

I did everything I could to ease this little kids nerves, not to mention mine and then ran to the trailer bathroom. Not one of the more glamorous locations on set. I stayed in that tiny, icky room with the cracked sink and dirty mirror. Are you kidding me? It was a bathroom and I was the mother of young children. How could I not lose myself in the peace and quiet?

But our kids are wise to us, ladies, when it comes to our hideout. Maybe they overheard Kate Hudson tell my Hollywood reporter that she used to sneak into the john for her Kate Only Time when Ryder was a toddler. Or maybe they heard my own son explain bathrooms. When my son was little, he would see me come out of the bathroom dressed up for work with nice make-up on. He would say, "When my mother goes to work, she be Tamara Gold, the makeup artist. When she come home, she be Tammy Rosenberg, my mudder."

That just about killed me.

And this brings me back to J Lo who is gorgeous to me in every single way now. It's not just that perfect glowing skin or the hair she wears slicked back in a pony-tail. It's not just that she wore a little bit of beautiful spring lilac and grey eye-shadow and tons of mascara during her press junket in Beverly Hills last week for "The Back-Up Plan."

She's even more beautiful because of why that hair was up in a ponytail and not long, fussed and perfect. "I was in my bathroom trying to leave for this event when my kids both started crying and saying, ‘Mommy, no, no! Don't go, Mommy!' So I spent time making sure they were okay and that they knew Mommy would be home while the sun was still shining."

Oh, there was no time left for the flat iron.

Guess what?

It doesn't matter.

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