Open and Closed Rhinoplasty

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Many people find their nose a bit odd and it affects their entire appearance. They tend to feel unconfident and self-conscious every time they face other people. They always think that the first thing a stranger would notice from their face is the peculiar structure of their nose. As a result, they develop low self-esteem and minimize social intearaction.

However, thereís now a modern surgical method designed to resolve this kind of problem. Rhinoplasty, also known as nose reshaping, is a surgical procedure meant to enhance the appearance of the nose by removing, altering or reshaping of the tissues that make up the structure the nose. It can either be a reconstructive procedure or a cosmetic procedure, depending on the type of nose problem.

Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure performed by cosmetic surgeons in highly industrialized cities like Los Angeles. These surgeons either perform open or close rhinoplastic approach. The difference between the two approaches is where the incisions will be made, which will eventually determine the kind of wound and scar created by the procedure.

Open Rhinoplasty is an easier approach because it gives the surgeon the best possible access to the underlying structures on the nose to facilitate any method of reshaping. However, Rhinoplasty Los Angeles surgeons rarely use the open approach because of several aftereffects, such as obvious scarring. The procedure involves cutting through the base of the nose to lift the tissue further.

Unlike a closed approach that involves incision at hidden regions of the nose, an open approach leaves an obvious scar at the base. The only advantage of this procedure is that a Rhinoplasty surgeon Los Angeles will be more accurate when carving the cartilage or bone structure. Scalpels and osteotopes can easily run through the tissues without straining the upper skin much.

On the other hand, closed Rhinoplasty is preferred by most patients because it doesnít produce any visible scars. In this approach, the incisions are made right under the nostrils, completely hidden from plain sight. However, rhinoplasty surgeon Los Angeles will have a hard time carving or reshaping tissues, since it would be difficult for the instruments to reach the right area.

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