Only that politician, who speaks about development, will be able to lead you well: Priyanka Gandhi

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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on development: You know very well how development impacts your lives. How the future of your children can be bettered. Please send out a message that the citizens of this country are weary, are tiered of politics of this nature. Politics that does not keep the common man in focus! By voting for Rahul Gandhi you'll be sending out the message that since your MP has worked for you, we'll ensure that he wins by a huge margin. So what's the message that will go out? The message will be that if a politician works for the people, the people will ensure his victory. Those who don't work will not get people's verdict. And I feel that no other message is more important than this one. During these elections, every citizen of this country has to think about who they are supporting and why? During the last five years the hard work done by Rahul Gandhi has ensured that new roads have been built, villages have got electricity, new electric poles have been erected, and water supply & medical facilities have been ensured. Along with Rahul Gandhi's hard work, programmes implemented by the Central Government have contributed to development in this region. For the first time in the history of this country 100 days employment has been guaranteed by the implementation of NREGA, 90 thousand farmers in this region benefited when loan waiver was announced by the state government. Now that elections are here, you'll witness many types if politics. Some people seem to think that politics is a trade. They feel that you can be misled if they bring up different types of issues. They want to fan your passions on the basis of religion or caste. They bring up issues that have nothing to do with development. So I'd like to ask you, what is most important to you? I regularly visit villages and see that there is shortage of electricity & water, that roads have not been built. Schools for children, programs to empower women, employment for the youth, these are important issues. But when it is election time, instead of these important issues, politicians talk about other useless issues. This clearly shows that they have not given serious thought to your real issues. So, I'm here to emphasize that elections are an opportunity for you. Any politician who comes to power can do so only with your support. He knows that he cannot win if you do not support him. But, maybe, you have not understood this correctly, because sometimes one is baffled as to how you could have voted a particular politician to power. I am baffled to see corruption spreading, to see that people with tainted images are given tickets. When we know they are not honest people, then why do people vote them to power? I'm here to ask you a question; I'd like you to reflect on why you support a particular candidate. When election time comes political parties don't talk about development. They talk about irrelevant issues. They come to you and tell you to vote on the basis of religion. They say that they are from your caste, so you should vote for them. They say they are from your religion and if you vote for them they'll help you move forward. You know as well as I do that this is utter rubbish. Only that politician who speaks about development, who addresses your issues will be able to lead you well. You know all that I have said very well as you have tested many political parties.

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