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One of the greatest craze of today's world is watching TV on PC. It is one of the greatest gifts imparted by technology. The mode is popularly known as Online TV. A recent survey has revealed that the Americans on an average spend more than 16% of their time by watching TV. This thus proves that about 2 months in a year is spent in watching TV. This is about half of the time we sleep on an average during a year. Another fact that has come up into light is that about two third of American household possess more than three Televisions. The scenario has even changed to a great extent as you have got the access to TV on PC or TV online. Now let's have a glance on the factors that has helped online TV reach the zenith of popularity.

The option to watch TV online is a widely accessible option and hence can be availed at any time and from anywhere. The Live TV does not have the shortcomings of the satellite TV or the Cable TV.

The cable service and the satellite antennas require delicate installation activities and thus they can never be referred as instant options. On the other hand the online TV is instant and just require a PC or a laptop and a fast Internet connection. It is just as easy as logging on to the computer and browse through the list of programs and chooses your favorite among them.

The programs over the online TV ensure great clarity. If the Internet connection is really good then there won't be any interruption in between. Whereas the satellite TV or the cable TV transmission depends on a number of factors, such as, choosing the ideal venue to place the dish or the wires and even external elements, such as natural calamities, change of seasons and various others. If you will watch TV online, it is guaranteed that the programs will have a clarity as good as the traditional TV.

There are several websites offering the TV on PC service and therefore you will never be disappointed by the variety of shows broadcasted. Programs from the channels broadcasted worldwide can be accessed by means of the Live TV. It is possible to get hold of 3000+ channels by means of the Online TV.

Another great advantage of the TV online is that it never gives you the chance to miss out on your favorite program. Whatever be the reason, it might be getting struck in a meeting or a family affair or even a long distance business trip. As long as you have an access to the Internet, nothing can stop you from watching the show you crave. Even if you have missed it, still there is the option to record it or download it, so that you can watch it in leisure at a time suitable to you.

Lastly, the cost factor can never be denied as an essential advantage. The service most of the times comes for free. So entertainment won't anymore run a hole in your pocket and will guide you to an efficient way to save money.

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