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If you have your own home business, most likely you will find yourself speaking with prospective buyers on the telephone. Just like the feelings brought on by a beautiful sunset, there's nothing like the feelings that come from a smooth and seamless sale closing. They both set off those endorphins that make us feel euphoric and high.

We celebrate the sale because of what comes before it'seemingly endless hours of talking on the phone trying to get people to call us back! Why do so few people call us back? I mean, after all, they went to our website, perhaps watched our MLM movie, and then filled out a document indicating they wanted us to call them back in order to hear more about our business. Why did they fill out the form requesting information about our business if they weren't going to call us back. Did they realize they were going to get a call from someone? Of course they did. So, why not call us back?

In an earlier blog I discussed the 'I'm too busy' brush off that we often hear. This is one of many reasons why you might not get a call back. Remember, prospects are not sitting around just waiting for you to call. They have very busy lives that include, work, family, personal activities, and so forth. When they receive your message it becomes just one more thing on their huge list of things to do. Not returning the call is the easiest thing for the prospect to do because it's just not a priority.

Additionally, as human beings we often prefer to avoid any kind of confrontation because it's easier than stating the simple fact that 'we're not interested'.

Unfortunately, sometimes our voice mail message has no value to the prospect, and therefore gives them no real reason to call us back. For example saying, 'I'm just calling to see if you had a chance to go to my website'' doesn't give the prospect a compelling reason to return the call. Maybe your prospect did go to your website and review your business opportunity. Perhaps they weren't too excited about what they saw and leaving a message like that really doesn't give them a good reason to call you back. But, if you left a voice mail that said something like, 'I see you went to my website on Friday, and I have some very exciting news for you regarding a special discount we just started offering today, if you call me back by 7pm tonight. I look forward to talking with you again this evening and answering all your questions', you would receive more call-backs. This type of message, delivered with a tone of excitement, also instills a sense of urgency.

So, how else do you get people to call you back? I'm going to tell you what works for me.

I don't believe in forcing someone to buy something they don't want or understand. I don't believe in forcing myself onto people, which is why I always let my prospects know, up front, that it's okay to say 'no' if they choose, if they will allow me to fully explain my business opportunity to them. Then I ask them if they will feel comfortable telling me 'no' if they reach a point where they think this business isn't for them. It's really that simple. By letting the prospect know you're not 'cornering' them, you're freeing them to make a better decision for themselves.

Some will still avoid your calls even though you've laid this ground work. If this happens, simply leave a message for them that gently reminds them of the agreement you made. Then wait at least four days before you call them again. This gives them a chance to call you back on their own, and sets you up as the professional.

What should you do if you've laid the proper ground work, and your prospect is still not calling you back?

1. Block your caller ID. Let's face it, we all screen our calls for one reason or another, so of course your prospects do too. If you don't know how to do this there should be instructions in your local phone book. If you can't find it there just call your phone company for instructions.

2. Don't be afraid to use email. A short email to your prospect letting him/her know that you're trying to connect might produce a response.

3. Never come across as upset or demanding, and show a little humility by saying something like, ' I'm sorry we haven't connected. I'm starting to feel like I may be annoying you and I certainly don't want to be a pain in your side. I'm feeling like your situation has changed. Please let me know what's changed and how I can best follow up with you.' This type of statement lets them politely know that they haven't returned your calls, and you're still willing to work with them.

4. Finally, there's nothing worse than a sales person begging for a sale, or trying too hard to push their online business onto someone who is clearly not interested. Remember, there comes a point when you must let the prospect go. If you have called several times and left a couple of messages with no response, that time has arrived. Sometimes this is very difficult to do, especially if you believed this prospect would join you in your venture. But, I will say it again'Let the Prospect Go! By letting them go you are making room for someone who IS interested.

Here's a simple little saying I learned from my up-line: 'Some will, some won't, so what, someone's waiting'. And that is the truth of it. There's always someone around the corner just waiting for you to call.

I hope this summary on the issue of online sales in your network marketing business has helped you. If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to note them in my comments section.

Nancy Shillingford

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