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Additionally, the existing sales channels i.e. newsstands and book stores are severely challenged for space, making the entry of new and upcoming publishers much more expensive and difficult. With intra-city parking and commute making the news stand browsing behaviour a thing of the past, we believe the case for our site as the single ‘one- stop' mall for magazines, an option which will attract numerous users.

The challenges faced by media publishing businesses are many, addressing the subscription and distribution challenges via, primarily:
· High cost of rack space and unpredictable order/returns in news stand retail
· "Window shopping" attitude and lack of committed readers
· All advertising mediums have a huge upfront cost and hard to quantify results
· High cost of building a brand and reaching their target customer base
· High fixed costs and unused capacity issues
· Unreliability of low - cost distribution channels

Ecommerce in India also has several challenges which buyers face, primarily:

· Cannot bargain/Negotiate
· Lack of trust and online transactions/credit cards usage
· Consumers prefer the "offline experience": The need to touch and feel the product and/or experience
· Customer service issues
· Lack of "great deals" online; most deals can be got offline is focused on easing the above two challenges and targeting Indian urban consumers with a focus on:

· One stop online sampling and ordering system
· Interest in the upper and upwardly mobile consumer to discover quality reading material
· The group behaviour of the Indian consumer
· The deal/bargain mentality which is a basic DNA of all Indians
· Enabling the offline experience via home delivery of ‘all your reading in a box'.

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