Online games and their popularity

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Why are online games so popular? There are lots of reasons why online games are popular. Online games are fun and enjoying and they are also addicting. I believe that the reason why they are so popular is because the computer is addicting and the public enjoy games when they are on the computer.

Driving around town to find things to do is to expensive so they just get on the computer and play online games. Some people play games on computer because they donít have game systems and more people have computers then games systems like xbox 360's and playstation 3's.

The computer also has more variety to play on the computer. On the computer you can do more things at once. For example you can play music while u play a game which is what i enjoy doing it makes the game more exciting. Online games are also for all ages. Which contributes alot to the popularity because teens play games more than any other age group. Adults play games online to when they are bored. There is just so many possibilities when youíre playing games on the computer. So many genres, there are endless possibilities of games on the computer. The most played online games are first person shooters because thatís what teens like the most. Then there is the adventure games that are the second favorite to teens. Then there is card games which are what adults look for.

The game halo reach which has been probably the world favorite game out because you can play with other people to put your skills to the test. The experience is amazing because u can play with ur friends from all over the world which is why the online experience is so amazing. The technology that we have allows you to communicate with your friends while youíre playing the game. Online video gaming is what makes up the twenty first century so thatís basically why teens and adults play them so much. Its just they are so addicting to play because they are so enjoying to play. Gaming is what alot of people find fun now. I am one of the teens that enjoy playing online games. The reason why i enjoy gaming is for playing the games with my friends, especially all my friends that dont live near me anymore it allows me to have fun with them without actually being there to hang out with them. Thatswhy online gaming is sopopularandfun.

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