Online Fax - Five excellent reasons to fax online

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Online fax is a veritable boon for both business enterprises as well as self-employed individuals as online fax offers a number of additional benefits when compared with conventional or commercial faxing services. There are quite a few valid reasons why you should opt for online fax and it is worthwhile attempting to know the five foremost benefits.

  • You can send and receive faxes online for a low cost as compared to conventional methods. Another principal benefit of online fax is the process takes place through the computer and Internet connection and thus there is no need to buy any additional costly equipment and related consumables. With traditional faxing, you have to pay additional line rental as you will have to set up a secondary, dedicated line to for sending/receiving faxes.

  • Faxing online is both simple and fast as you can send and receive documents at the mere click of a button. It is common knowledge that operating a conventional fax machine is cumbersome as you have to manually feed the pages of the document, one by one, through the machine for transmitting the data. With online fax you simply type in the destination number, add the documents you want to send as file attachments and click on the send button, and the entire process only takes a couple of minutes. To receive faxes, instead of waiting for the machine to print off the document for you to read it, the fax will arrive in your inbox and you can open it up and read it on your computer instantly.

  • Online faxing enables the secure sending and receiving of all private and confidential documents as all leading providers of online fax services protect data streaming and private website account content with the latest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. This technology ensures that no one can intercept the data you are sending, or hack into your online account to access your personal data including saved faxes.

  • Another advantage of online faxing is that with the majority of online faxing providers you will not be required to sign a contract when you open a new account. You will thus be able to open and close accounts without any hassle - which means if you decide the service is not working to your satisfaction, you can simply close it down and move to another provider and without any liability to pay cancellation fees or penalties charges.

  • Please know that online fax services are extremely versatile as they support a huge variety of file formats, and this means that you can send and receive almost any kind of document you want to other online accounts, - be it a slideshow, spreadsheet, photo image or even a music file. File transfers are obviously limited when you are faxing to a conventional machine, as these services can only receive static documents because each one must be printed off to be read by the recipient. You will also have the option of faxing online in a number of different ways including - through the provider's Website, through your email account and by downloading fax software.

Online fax is very convenient to use because it is paperless and inkless and as such there are no paper jams or messy inks to mess around with. Online faxes are accessible anywhere and at anytime because they are web-based.

Online Fax can benefit for your business in several additional ways. To learn more visit: or 800 numbers. There is also information here on VoIP Service Provider for Business and non-business use.

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Online Fax can benefit for your business in several additional ways. To learn more visit: There is also information here on 800 Numbers for Business and non-business use.

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