Online Deal Sourcing: Security is the Crux

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Has anyone of your acquaintances married a person from a dating site? I guess, somebody has done this, and he/she was even not the only one among those whom you know well. Sure, some people prefer to paint a picture of more romantic first meeting with their partner than a description of the search on the Internet.
Why do they hide the fact that their acquaintance was held on this site? Just a dozen years ago in the USA, and still in some conservative countries and communities, negative stereotypes are spread regarding online dating. Even in the US, some people still believe that any dating site is a bunch of losers, a disgusting den of libertines, or a playground of slackers, the kind of computer games. But if we look at research results, we can see the following figure. In 2010, 7000 American citizens were interviewed: where did you meet to your wife (your husband) first time? 17% answered that it had been on the Internet. While the stake of the marriages which had appeared as the results of the meetings in bars, clubs and at social event parties, was twice smaller! Other research states that a third of American couples who married between 2005 and 2012 met online.

So, the number of those who have overcome their pride and prejudice (in regard to the web tools), has grown considerably in the sphere of search of a life companion. Something similar is going on with the search of business partners nowadays.
Online deal sourcing has become a rather popular instrument facilitating private investment deal-sourcing. There are a lot of such online platforms, with more or less good structure, usability and other features.
Like in the case of the search of a marriage partner, a well-designed online platform with a relevant extensive database of buyers and sellers means the widening of choice, the list of buyers (sellers). According to the experts of iDeals Solutions Group and many other analysts, even one careful look at the trends of M&A market could show sufficiently to understand, that a lot of new players are coming to take part in the self-reinforced global process of M&A, various investment deals. Even the best expert of the narrowest niche hardly knows all the actors in it, because startups are being multiplied, older businesses are being transformed, and new regions demonstrate the interest in that niche, so the whole crowd is entering to compete in the boiling soup of the hitherto silent Lagoon. The increasing of potentially profitable cross-border deals, as well as the generation born with a computer mouse in hand (those players who are inseparably familiar with IT) are contributing to the popularity of online deal sourcing.

Such an online platform, for buyers and sellers to find each other, could be a good complimentary tool for deal sourcing, if meets the requirements:
• very high IT security qualification of provider (e.g. Solutions proved to match this, just look who are the customers);
• very friendly and qualified support team, available 24/7/365;
• customers’ excellent understanding of objectives, for the correct arranging of search options.

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