Online Conferencing – Various Forms of Services

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Online conferencing was once associated with high profile businesses, who had to interact with people from various places. It was expensive to set up such an conferencing internet service. However, with time, internet has become more accessible so has the conferencing services. The facility is now no longer limited to multi-national companies but can be utilized by small and medium size businesses too. To convey about one's business one does not need to hold meetings at various locations and in this way saving the money on travel as well as accommodation. Thus, you can reach out to more people. Thereby, online conferencing has become one of the most impressive tools in boosting small businesses.

The internet market is now full of conference call providers and everyone is competing with the other to grab more market share. This has benefited the clients as the cost of conferencing has come down like never before. So select the facilities that you would require for your business and then select the online conference service provider.

Audio or Video Conferencing:

Depending on your business, you got to decide the mode of conferencing that you would select. Though audio conferencing services are much cheaper than video conferencing ones, it does not possess the multiple features that video conferencing offers. Under the umbrella term "video conferencing", webinar and various other web-based video conferencing are also there. Presentations with slide, power-points, application of white boards, sharing of desktop and screens among the attendees are possible. Even simultaneous online wiki-style editing is facilitated. Usage of pointer and the visuals makes it easier to explain or put across points to the others in video based conferencing.

Free Conferencing:

There are multiple online conferencing service providers that offer free conferencing. If you have few people to reach out to and do not require a prolific service regularly then it is alright to use free services in conferencing.


Online conferencing vendors offer two kinds of services, reservation and non-reservation. Once again if you want to conduct an online conference without any preparation then you can avail the non-reservation facility. In this case, you are free to select the people that you want in the conference and the service provider is in no way involved, apart from providing you with the conference facility. On the other hand, in case of conferencing reservation, you need to schedule and book the time. Then you have to inform the number of participants to become a part of the conference. In case of reservation conference, people without invitation cannot take part in it.

Time limit:

Decide on the time that you would require to talk on your business matters. Most of the time, a conference call is allowed to run for one hour, but larger audience would mean more duration. So, know the number of participants along with the time required by you. At the time of doing your reservation you can give an estimation of the time that you would require. This would also enable you to make an estimation of the cost required for the conference.

Online conferencing also lets you keep the record of the conference so that you can refer to it later.

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Hope Dever association with many online conferencing service providers would help others in understanding the benefits of conferencing services. He categorically puts across the criteria for looking into matters while selecting a conference service provider.

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