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Online conferencing has now come of age. Service providers now specialize in offering their clients with the best conferencing solutions possible, catering to the specific needs of their clients. Online conferencing not only helps you to conduct business meetings and discussions with your clients at real time but also saves the money and time on travel.
To make the correct choice on the kind of conferencing, which you would require for either personal or commercial use, conduct a thorough research on the variety of conferencing facilities available. Go through the list of facilities that the conferencing vendors provide their customers with other facilities.

Here are some conferencing services that you can avail:

Web / Online Conferencing: In this conferencing every participant can interact with each other via internet. Presentation, meetings, trainings and even online business promotions can be held with this conferencing tool. Joining this conference is very easy; all an attendee needs to do is download the application that is sent to the participant. It is a downloadable application where one needs to be invited, therefore restricting unnecessary traffic. Slide-shows, power points, white boards can be used in this conferencing with pointers. Web conferencing thus makes it easier to retain the focus of the participants and easier to explain the subject that is broached in the meeting.

Video Conferencing: This allows people to interact from two or more locations. It is a video and audio two-way transmission process which is done simultaneously. It is one of the best ways to conduct communication through sign language for the deaf and speech-impaired people. One needs to have appropriate software installed in the computer with few other types of equipment for the application to run smoothly.

Phone Conferencing: It is one of the easiest and convenient ways of voice conferencing. If you do not require conducting any kind of presentation, being it video or slide-shows, this is the way to go about. This facility allows you to pay according to the usage. Depending on the kind of conferencing vendor one selects, one can pay based on free toll or non free toll conferencing service.

Why select online conferencing?

Conferencing online not only helps in saving time and money, which is involved in traveling, but one can also target larger audience. Since it transcends space and time instead of holding meetings and seminars on same topic, people can be brought together at the same place at the same time. Anyone who is invited into the conference can access it through an access code provided to them. Interactions between the participants are made lot easier. Question and answer sessions can be held simultaneously. There are also the options of sharing data, videos, slides, even editing of any documents online and also conduct live polls. Another advantage of conducting online conferencing is that one can refer back to the meeting, since it is recorded by either the host or the vendor.

About Author:
Hope Dever works as online conferencing advisor. His insights are useful in understanding the basics ofweb conferencing and other kinds of conferencing services.

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