One to One Communication via Social Media

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What is social media for? Everybody has a different desire to use it. Some people use it to log their views, recommendations, questions, and complaints for a brand product or service or share their personal ideas about any or everything they wish. Businesses use it to know how they are being talked about in the market. Needless to say itís been a great helping hand for their brands to get the market insight about their brands portray from a consumerís eye.
Brand advocacy and characteristic discussions about a particular brand can be easily shared and talked over between consumers, no need of interference by the company who owned it. My focus here is on complaints part. Whenever a consumer post a complaint for a brand - do the concerned brands give a damn look into the matter directly and solve it within a couple of dayís time.
Generally brands use the social media as lender of the last resort, when one fine day they found that their sales are falling down, consumers opting for their rivalís brands over their brands, all of their marketing strategies are failing despite their hard efforts. After that they started searching out a social media measurement company to find out their market position. The social media agency then steps up to find out the negative sentiments and the reasons behind that. So then the organization get to know where are they failing and take measures accordingly to work for progressive functioning of the brand.

Thereís a very common saying that ďprevention is better than cureĒ why donít the brands make use of the social media before the crisis. Just like consumers use it, brands can also use it the same way. Whenever a consumer posts a complaint or a question regarding the product brand, service or any industry related query companyís can answer that query and could resolve the issue instantly before it changes into a whole crisis.
This one to one communication would help brands to maintain their reputation and save them from any upcoming big disaster. This one to one chat where an issue raised is being solved in no more than a couple of days by the company representatives has already been adopted by some telecom companies. This is more or less termed like a customer service.
So, better make use of social media to generate the positive reviews and close the complaint before it generates any negative sentiment for your brand.

Arifa Raj
The author is a business researcher with CheckBuzz, a social media monitoring company.

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