One popular treatment is the botox cosmetic injection which has grown in popularity

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To treat aging skin which has been affected by the elements over time, many seek out treatments that are temporary but which have the ability to treat signs of aging in a considerable way for months at a time. Injections are a growing trend in the age management field of the medical world. For many, the use of injections manages aging and is an alternative to more invasive treatments.

One popular treatment is the botox cosmetic injection which has grown in popularity as a facial injection which helps to prevent lines from forming or remaining visible by slowing facial muscle expressions. If the muscles in the face are not granted the ability to move and are stiffened, then lines which were initially caused by creasing in the face due to muscular movement over time are diminished. The treatment is widely popular due to its being an alternative to surgery for some who are only seeking to prevent lines from remaining visible, but who do not wish to have more invasive procedures performed. In this way, the botox cosmetic injection is a minimally invasive alternative to facelifts or other types of surgery. The treatment works best on wrinkles which are the result of motion in the face, called dynamic wrinkles, rather than wrinkles that are visible with no muscular motion. By blocking nerve communication between facial muscles, the injections cause wrinkles to subside in time and they are no longer visible.

A botox cosmetic injection is not permanent and must be repeated to maintain the results. A repeat injection is usually performed every few months or as the effect begins to wear off. There are benefits and the risks associated with the treatment and the injections may not be suitable for everyone. Since the injected solution is made of a toxin and also contains dairy, some individuals will not be able to use it. Furthermore, since the toxin and active ingredient in the solution helps to prevent the nerves in the facial muscles from communicating, the injections become more and more effective with time. The effect that the injections may have on the muscles being able to function at a later time is questionable. These issues should be most certainly discussed with a trained dermatologist that is experienced with a botox cosmetic injection. Asking plenty of questions is important. If the patient has any infections or existing allergies, the treatment may not be recommended. A trained dermatologist can discuss the procedure with patients to determine their candidacy.

As far as minimally invasive age management treatments go, the new wave of injections that treat and help to diminish fine lines and wrinkles are viable options. It is up to the patient to decide if the treatments are necessary and if they are a good option for their particular skin challenges. Conducting your own personal research on the procedure is always a good idea to get a balanced view of the entire treatment from start to finish. Furthermore, finding a dermatologist that is experienced and caring is an important part of ensuring satisfaction with the procedure.
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