One New York Artist

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Are you seeing graffiti? This is probably ruffiti. Manhattan is really very colorful in light of the paintings done by one artist on spaces including construction site fences or buildings. His hurriedly painted Scottish terrier like canines evoke a gamut of reactions from passers by be they dog lovers or not.

Different people see his works and they act differently towards them. Not only are his works featured in TV but there are part of magazines too. Because of how much exposure there was of his works, it prompted a seven city tour one summer on Route 66.

What he wanted was to show off his skills without having to deal with art dealers. If your purpose for creating art is not monetary, you need not experience dictatorial art dealers. Art dealers take advantage of artists who want nothing else but to make it in the art world.

Portraits like these came to life when he wanted to try something new. These portraits never fail to amaze. Not only the paintings but the dogs themselves are different. He considers this to be the best showcase of art.

Necessary for each dog painting are seven swift strokes. He got started with this style of painting when the art works that he saw inside the galleries failed to strike his interest. A visit from a woman staying down the street from the gallery only happened when it was time for his dog show. It was a $1,500 dog painting that she ended up buying.

You cannot expect everyone to buy something. For one fan, all he wanted was the artist's signature on his dogified fences. According to another individual, the artist kidnapped all of these dogs. Someone said that the dogs are leading to chaos in New York.

As the artist said, the visitors are entitled to their opinion. What he did to support himself before was trade antiques.

He loves walking around the city because this is where he gets his ideas from. A location that he frequently visits at night is the Wall Street area. Summertime is the time of year when you will find him in the country. What they call this is the Dogs across America tour.

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