One Great Idea To Work Out What To Draw!

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There are times when your thoughts just freeze and you find yourself alone with a pencil in your hand, ready to begin filling an empty sheet of white paper and nothing happens! You try to boost your ideas and hope for some inspiration to magically appear but yet you still can not figure out just what to draw!

It practically feels like the longer you are sat gazing into the blankness and trying to think this out, the more your brain sticks it's heels in and declines to move. This is Drawing Block and is very much like Author's Block. It is discouraging, and leaves you feeling completely uncreative, aggravated and frustrated.

Lucky for you there are a few straightforward things you can do to reduce this frustration, and turn it into some inspiration.

First off, let it go!

That's it; forget about it for 5 moments. Put the pencil down, and move away from your paper and do something else, like make a hot beverage, flick through the paper or anything. Just quit trying to push your mind in to action.

This will help you to relax and budge the misty thoughts clouding your vision, so when you decide to return and tackle the issue in the following paragraph you will be able to focus clearly.

Why do you want to draw something?...Ask yourself this, but don't over think your response; simply offer your own one quick, frank response ...

" I'm bored!".


"I want to create something magnificent!".


"I need to satisfy a deadline!".

... are all quickly, frank responses which will help lead you to your inspiration. Beautiful!

From this, you can make suggestions by mind-mapping. If you have never ever mind-mapped prior to, it is primarily making a layout of your ideas in order to see exactly how you are believing. Some call this brainstorming. The image here shows how a mind-map or brainstorm is structured!

Start by scribbling a seed word as a starting point. As you are trying to arrange your thoughts to find what to draw, I would suggest something like 'Inspiration' or 'Muse' would certainly be great right here.

Now begin thinking about things you enjoy; music, films, teams, shows... that kind of thing; yet keep it general. That is do not be specific, merely pick broad subjects. Compose these around your seed word, and draw lines to link them back to the subject.

Next go one at a time along with each topic you have specified and do the very same thing once again, however you can be a lot more specific this time. For example, if you written a subject called 'Music' then compose the names of bands you are into around that subject and link these back, like shown here in my mind-map.

Furthermore, you could think about branching out again to 'Song Titles', and then again to specific lyrics in the song you like?

You can continue with this up until the inspiration strikes and your lightbulb pings in to activity. You can quickly use this exercise for every little thing you might need some inspiration for. Just begin with a seed word, and permit your thoughts to wander on!

I hope this helps unlock your artistic juices once more so can join me on my amazing step by step pencil drawing tutorial blog.

My name is Lou Pemberton, and cheers for reading.

Find more great pencil drawing tips on my blog at

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