On The Crest Of Magical Waves Of Perfumes

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Have you ever taken note of someone entering a room, only to notice how nice they smell? Maybe they were wearing perfume? Try one for yourself and you could soon be loving yourself for how you smell! For everyone likes a good-smelling person!

Perfume is a very popular cosmetic. Chanel and Nina Ricci, and Yves St. Laurent, belong to the list of well-known French brands. Well-known American brands include 'Beautiful' from Estee Lauder, Romance from Ralph Lauren, in addition to Calvin Klein's 'Eternity and Obsession'. Then there are the "fresh scented" types, which take on the odour of soap or fresh air; examples of these are Grace by Philosophy and Calvin Klein's One.

And there is a lot of material discussing which perfumes are best suited to which occasions. Some perfumes are much "heavier" than others. Use something light and refreshing for the daytime or summer months; for evenings as well as special occasions call for warmer, more sensual smells. If you are lucky to go on a date something like a strong floral or vanilla scent is a good bet.For a business meeting choose something subtle whose scent is musky, woody or earthy, and keep strawberry, chocolates, or fruity scents for when you go down to the beach. In addition there are plenty of citrus scented colognes - another good choice for date purposes. Women pondering what to wear in a social evening should consider either the 'Little Black Dress perfume' or go for Elizabeth Arden's Provocative Woman to a name a couple.

Nini Ricci Premier Jour is well renowned for its glorious musky touch, while Davidoff's 'Cool Waters' comes across as fresh and crisp to anyone who smells it. Couture perfume manufacturers are numerous; reputable brands include Burberry and Christian Dior; there is also Elizabeth Arden and Lancome, Prada and Liz Claiborne, Moschino and Calvin Klein,Ralph Lauren and Estee Lauder, Bvlgari and Victorias Street and finally, Chanel.

Experts claim that Nina Ricci, Davidoff & Ralph Lauren are easily recognised, going as far as to say that your scent actually says a considerable amount with regard to your style statement as well as your particular lifestyle.

Perfume is usually a very expensive product. However, it is always good for creating an impression; anyone wearing it will make their peers regard them as well-groomed, and that it says something about their sensuality and / or sexuality. Indeed, some say that none among man and woman is complete without his or her perfume. It is good for serving as an extension of one's personality, noted for perking up one's mood, making one feel confident and giving one something of the X factor. Well relied on for attracting others to those who wear them, they are good for helping one be prepared for something. In this way, they can be depended on to "create an aura" around the wearer.

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