Olympus Digital Voice Recorders: A Review of the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder DM-520

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If you haven't heard about Olympus digital voice recorders, then you may desire to know about them now, specifically if you are in urgent want of a great voice recording device. The Olympus Digital Voice Recorder DM-520 is one of the remarkable models from the brand, and here is really a review to enlighten you about the features that this model has to supply.


This model has a extremely simple but aesthetically pleasant design. It has a black body with silver buttons. Its dimensions are 4.33'' x 1.53'' x 0.63'', quite compact and handy, you'll be able to keep it in any purse, pocket, or bag without worry. It is also very lightweight weighing a mere 3 ounces which makes it nothing close to a burden.

The buttons are easy enough to use and each of them have labels to indicate precisely what they are used for. The device is designed to operate either on two Triple-A NiMH rechargeable batteries or an external AC power supply. The batteries can last as long as 51 hours of recording use. You won't have any difficulties with replacing batteries too quickly or encountering dead batteries inside the middle of different recording activities.


The LCD display is approximately 1 square inch and is extremely straightforward to read with the backlight and clear dot matrix output. The display is straightforward to use despite distinct lighting conditions and you won't need to worry about reading the text on the screen also as navigating by way of the device.

Audio and other Recording Features

Like other Olympus digital voice recorders, this model has plenty of exceptional features. It has a built-in 4 GB flash memory and it also has a memory card slot that enables the device to add memory of up to 16 GB, totaling 20 GB if the device is entirely maximized. It can also save audio recording files in MP3, WMA, and WAV or PCM file formats, a issue which numerous Olympus recorder users experienced since most of the older models are only able to save in WMA file formats. You can find distinct modes of recording which you'll be able to use to produce different quality levels of audio files. The highest 1, the 48 kHz 16 bit WAV file format, can record up to a maximum of 5 hours and 45 minutes on a 4 GB memory capacity. On the other hand, the lowest high quality, LP WMA can save up to 1076 hours in a 4 GB memory space. It is possible to also organize your files in five various folders with each able to carry up to 999 files. Should you have music files or soundtracks, it is possible to save them in a single folder up to 999 files, and podcasts can also be saved in a single folder with the exact same maximum number. The 23mm round dynamic speaker can produce audio output of up to 320 mW, quite excellent for a tiny device. It has a built-in ultra high high quality stereo microphone for superb audio input but it also has both an audio in and audio out jack for an optional microphone and headphones for personal and a lot more optimal utilization of the device.

Other Features

The device is very easy to synchronize with a PC by way of a USB cable. This makes file transfer and audio editing not only very effortless but also extremely fast to do. The device also provides a variable control voice actuator which enables or disables voice command according to your preferences. The voice guidance is really a system which aids you inside your navigation and operation throughout the entire device for much better and simpler use.


This model genuinely has a lot to provide and it is no doubt a amazing device. The Olympus Digital Voice Recorder DM-520 is quite functional and no one would discover it unsatisfactory. I extremely suggest this product should you truly want to optimize your voice recording activities. There are lots of Olympus digital voice recorders, but this 1 is exceptional.

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