Oil Painting Tips They Don't Teach You

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If oil painting isn't something you have done yet, we encourage you to do it. Some of the world's most famest paintings are done with oil based paint. You can have a lot of fun with it. However, you might learn that with any style of painting, there are some tips that maybe later down the road, you would have wished you knew. Yet, no one never told you about them. Well, so that you don't feel that way with this sort of painting here are a few tips you really ought to know.
The first one rests solely on making it easier for you to mix colors. When you know where different colors on your palette are, then you have an easier time mixing them. That is why it is suggested that you put them in the same sequence every time.
Another tip that they won't teach you in any class is that when you paint, you apply only a certain amount. You start off with a small amount, then you add to it. Each layer should be a little bit more. When you are buying paints as oil paints cost a pretty penny, you will find this keeps you from spending way too much.

We have also found that many artists look for new ways to save money when they paint. The way to do this is to learn which colors when you use them as a base coat take longer to dry. The reason for htis is because that first coating which is called either the underpainting or the sketching is the very first one to do. Therefore, you have to wait until it dries before you can continue. One of those colors that you want to stay away from is Ivory Black.
Then there is this last tip. Again, these are tips that they will normally not teach you. This one is all about drying your Oil painting . When it's time to dry it, it should be at a proper temperature. Also, it shouldn't be dark in the room where you are drying your painting. If it is dry, then you will notice a film on it when it is done drying.
Knowing these can help you in the long run. Many professionals have learned these a little too late. They would have wished someone would have told them this. This is why we are passing it on.

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