Oil Painting Art - The Advantages And Disadvantages

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Over and again, a local resident from Bridgewater has put on canvas the spectacular image of Shenandoah Valley. Painting nature is not the only reason this artist has been carrying around easel and oils to mountains and cornfields. More than that, she uses pictures clipped from daily newspapers to paint her masterpieces.

According to her, this allows her to put black and white or whatever old color she wants to. In order to create larger scenic painting, she adds, she cuts out pictures of animals and object. The artist holds up a used-newspaper photo clipping with two millstones to illustrate how she actually painted the large mural found on her family room. The blending of grey mill wheels and rustic millhouse near a riverbank is perfect.

The artist gives emphasis to the large mural on her wall about how she uses the pictures to add small details to her work, such as wood land animals, farm equipment and crops, and weatherboard buildings. Water is her only tool for this. Water is not hard to paint with, because it is volatile.

Her plans are to start working on another painting, this time with a snow scene. Finishing a snow painting won't be a problem because it is easy. One or two smaller scenes and the mural are the only paintings she has at home. Apparently, the rest of her countless paintings are either sold or given away.

In Hagerstown, Maryland, there is a furniture store that helps her sell her stuff. The artist is always more than happy to paint for her neighbors and friends. She is always so busy with so many orders. She usually gets quite a few rights around Christmas time.

The artist, who is a native of the Green mount section of Rockingham County, began painting when she was 13, when an old lady in the neighborhood gave her a few lessons. Every afternoon she paid 25 cents to the old lady for a lesson. She has kept the first pallet her mother made her when she was little until now; it was made of a lightweight board. Although the old pallet was smeared with paint everywhere, a note was decoupage on it telling how it was made.

The family also built a family room onto their home with materials from their church that was torn down about six years ago. One entire face of the room was a glass wall, which allows you to see the nearby river as the sun shine filters through the glass. To bring the outside in, the nature and the woods, they used the glass.

She was troubled about finding something that would fit the room as she was making the mural. Her children told her the rustic family room and the bright foliage with rusts, red and gold did not mix well, so she had to redo the mural three quarters through completion. In order to direct the attention of her guest to the large mural on the family room, which encompasses all her love for painting, she decided not to add anymore pictures in her home.

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