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People often fail to keep their offices clean. They are not very much concerned about the cleanliness of the office as they are more focused on their work then. But they must understand one thing: clean and organized office is the place where you can run your business more efficiently. Another point one must understand, is that dirty office is the breeding ground for many disease creating germs. People visiting the offices and touching various things are an integral part of every-day business. You may catch any germs, bacteria or even viruses left by those visitors and become ill. It is very important to perform routine cleaning of your office, either by yourself or by a professional cleaner that you can hire.
Cleaning an office involves much more than just sorting papers and files, de-cluttering the space, organizing bills or sorting through unread mails and other such things. Cleaning is much deeper aspect. You need to clean the office like you clean a bathroom.
While you work in a home office, chances are that you make the place more cluttered at any given point of time, as you may have children and pet around you. No matter where your office is situated, you should keep check and control over your belongings every day.

De-cluttering is the Key:
The most important chore here is de-cluttering. This is the first step towards the proper cleaning of the office. Do not just pile away the things like paper, stationery, files, books or other things. Put them at proper places assigned for them. Files should be placed according to a proper filing system so that you can get one when you require it. And spend some time every day to keep things at proper place. It will keep the office in proper shape and save your time later.

Cleaning your Desk:
Your desk is the place you and other people touch the most. Also you might be consuming edibles here. Wipe clean your desk using a spray cleaner and a soft cloth. Also clean things like computer, monitor, speakers, keyboard, lamp, telephone, paper stackers, pencil holders and other things. Right procedure is to spray the cleaner over the cloth and wipe clean the surfaces. Electrical appliances should be switched off before cleaning.

Cleaning Other Office Furniture:

Clean all the other furniture such as work table, bookshelves, chairs. Clean edges along with the surfaces. If you have books on the book shelves, take them out and dust one by one.

Waste basket:
Cleaning of waste basket is also very important as they become the breeding area for the germs. Give them a good cleaning by washing them using a good antibacterial solution.

Cleaning of Floor:
Vacuuming the floor every day is required. If the floor is tiled or made of other hard material, sweep it clean every day and mop at least once a week.
Fulfilling all these tasks will make your working environment more friendly and not so tiring and time-consuming. And it's really very important.

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