Oceans Of Water In the Atmosphere

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I have closely been following the seriousness regarding the Worlds dwindling fresh water supplies for the past three years. We are in big trouble and the situation is approaching critical in the next 5 years. There's no ignoring or getting around this fact any longer.

Just because you many not reside in an area where this problems has reached a level of distress or urgency doesn't mean that the picture isn't bleak. There are billions of people right now without access to clean drinking water. And over the next two decades that will become billions more.

Most of our fresh water (75%) is located at the polar ice caps. Increased population growth, agriculture, and manufacturing are placing tremendous demands on our fresh water supplies. Even if water is available the quality of the water available is deteriorating rapidly as well. There's more and more pollution and contamination (oil, runoff, sewage, chemicals, etc) reaching our water supplies. What this means is that abuse, misuse, and carelessness of existing supplies is not only creating shortage but putting available water resources at great risk.

The earth's atmosphere however, contains about 3.4 quadrillion gallons of water at any one time. This can be harvested using science to speed up the process via the hydrologic cycle. Units can evaporate and condense the water at increased speeds and literally harvest water from the air. This presents a unique opportunity to take advantage of this natural cycle of water.

There are other advantages as well. UV light, Ozone, and multistage filtration purifies and filters the water making it 99.9% pure. The atmospheric water generator also purifies and filters the air prior to evaporating and condensing it. They can serve as air purification, conditioning, and dehumidification systems as well as harvesting water from air.

There are large commercial systems designed to create a couple of thousand gallons per day. There are also smaller units that can be plugged right into the wall (120v) and produce around 7 gallons per day that are perfect for home and offices that would like to get away from bottled water, have more fresh water, and have a sustainable water supply. On average is requires about 1kW of electricity to create one gallon of water. This means that on average a gallon is made at a cost of 8 to 10 cents per gallon.

In addition to being very environmentally friendly they offer a peace of mind as well. Atmospheric water generators are a sustainable source of water. In a time when water costs as much or more per gallon than gas, there are economic woes, political and social unrest home and abroad the atmospheric water generator offers security. In the event of a major catastrophe such as a natural disaster, or terrorist attack, or any number of things that could completely cut off or disrupt water supplies the Atmospheric water generator can assure access to water daily. When it comes to a drinking water purification system it also creates extremely pure and clean water which means that no chemicals, pollutants, or contaminants are making there way into your body as you drink water from air. The best time to consider getting fire insurance policy isn't after your house has burned down. Consider what access to a healthy sustainable supply of water is worth to you and your family? They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What would you do when it comes to the most precious resource on earth if you suddenly were without it?

Visit Atmospheric water generators and drinking water purification systemsfor more information on how you can harvest an unlimited supply of fresh water from the air!

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