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One flash game that is fast gaining higher popularity among avid gamers is the Bubble Struggle 2. It is a jump from the earlier version of the shoot online flash game-Bubble Struggle. Although this improved version of the game has all the features that were present in the original game, a gamer will find it more interesting and challenging to win the Bubble Struggle 2. It has created quite a place in the heart of avid gamers due to its exciting range of features. The second game in the series of bubble struggle has brought back the much-adored character with orange shorts, black cape, yellow shirt and wacky weapon to take on the perilous bubbles again.

Bubble Struggle 2 is also popularly known as the bubble trouble. In this game, the old devil has to struggle with a wide range of bubbles appearing in all kinds of shapes and size and has to fire at these bubbles. However, he has limited freedom in the game since he can blow up the bubbles only in one direction. Gamers are required to clear off the bubbles by shooting them. Like the older version, the bubbles in this improved version are highly dangerous for the poor devil and there is a time limit set for each level. The devil needs to fight with the bubbles within the set time limit.

One interesting feature of Bubble Struggle 2 is that players, who have already mastered a certain level in this game, are not required to play it from the very beginning but they can jump on directly to the level that they have already reached. Another aspect that makes this online flash game challenging is the increased speed and complexity at each of the levels. Complexity and speed increase is more evident in Bubble Struggle 2 than in its earlier version. This game requires more skill and smart strategy than just shooting the bubbles. Mindless click at the bubbles will not help a player to secure points.

Give a shot at the first few levels to understand what kind of abilities you need to use in Bubble Struggle 2. One thing that a gamer needs to have in order to be good in this flash game is high observational power. The poor devil is required to observe all the movement of the bubbles and then fire on them. It needs to assess the right time to move away from being hit by the bubbles. Players, who have been a winner in the earlier version of Bubble Struggle, need to understand how the speed and complexity heightens in Bubble Struggle 2 and play accordingly. Gamers will not have a problem handling the enhanced speed and heightened complexity as they are weaved naturally into the game to ensure that player does not get restless too quickly.

Other exciting features of the older version have been retained in Bubble Struggle 2. The animation and graphical presentation in this new version is much better than the older one. Rewards have also increased, thereby giving online gamers another strong reason to try out Bubble Struggle 2 at least once.

If you wish to play the game, log onto http://bubble-spinner.com/bubble_struggle_2.php.

Mia Khanna is an avid gamer, who loves to play various flash games - day in and day out. Here, she reviews bubble struggle 2 -one of the most fascinating online flash games she would love to play again and again!

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