Obama Approval Rating Numbers Ė Do The Republicans Have a Chance to Win In 2012

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The latest Obama approval rating numbers show that President Obama has an approval rating of 49 percent. His approval ratings have fluctuated up and down over the last year, and it is hard to get a gauge of his popularity in the country. It seems that his approval numbers were not greatly impacted by killing Osama Bin Laden. If the right candidate is nominated to oppose Obama in 2012, I think that candidate has a chance to win. Based on the latest Obama approval rating numbers, I think he has reasons to be concerned about his re-election bid.

The ratings bump President Obama got from the capture of Osama Bin Laden will be gone by 2012.
The Bin Laden story was great for America. It made President Obama look great. The military deserves most of the credit for this event. The capture of Osama Bin Laden closed a dark chapter in our countryís history. Despite all of these accomplishments, people are ready to move forward from this event. Despite what the media or anyone else says, people have a short attention span. They are going to elect him based on what he can do in the next four years. They will not vote for him for what he did in the past. The Obama approval rating numbers of 2012 will not be impacted by the capture of Osama Bin Laden.

The jobless economic recovery does not bode well for Barack Obama.
People want to be working and making money. Most people donít want to sit at home collecting unemployment checks. With an unemployment rate that continues to run above 9%, many people are getting frustrated with the economy. Employers are not hiring because they do not have the disposable income to keep hiring new people and expanding. Small businesses donít know how to make decisions about the future because of all of the new healthcare mandates. The new rules amount to a tax for small businesses if they donít offer healthcare, and this is the cheapest option for most businesses. The extra taxes make it difficult for small business to hire more people. High unemployment rates will have a negative impact on the Obama approval rating numbers.

Rising gas and food prices cannot be blamed on President Bush.
The Inflation rate is very high. The Federal Reserve continues to print money at historic rates. This is causing the value of the dollar to fall, and it reflects directly on the economic policies of Barack Obama. Obama may not directly make decisions for the Fed, but he is perceived to have an influence over the Fed policies. The official inflation rate does not take into account energy or food prices, but people have seen a major impact on their wallets. The Obama approval rating will remain low if food and energy prices are high.

GOP candidates can make convincing arguments that Obama doesnít understand how to jump start the economy.
The economy is in much worse shape now than it was when Bush, Clinton, or even Reagan was in office. This reflects in the Obama approval rating numbers. The American public is not stupid. They can see that the economy is not getting any better. A recent poll by CNN shows that 48% of people believe the next great depression is going to happen within a year. During the economic problems of 2008, only 38% of people thought a depression could happen. When you see how many people think a Great Depression is coming, it is easy to see why people arenít spending money. GOP candidates have a golden opportunity to capitalize on the low Obama approval rating numbers.

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