Nutrients That Can Prevent AMD

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Zeaxanthin is a kind of inborn nutrition of eye. The light reflected by objects will be projected onto zeaxanthin and a picture or imagination is formed. The information of the picture will be transmitted to brain and the objects are seen.

Zexanthiin is located in an area called macular that locates at retina. So there is a common problem that may happen onto macular, called macular degeneration. It is an age-related problem. So it is also called AMD (age-related macular degenearation).

One the main component of macular is zezanthin, a background pigment of eye. Also, lutein is another important substance. And the two substances play crucial role in the health of eye.

After some chemical conversion, the two substances will turn into Vitamin A. if people do not intake sufficient these substance, they may suffer from some horrible problems, as skin-related diseases, eye problems or even death.

Some studies have found that there are some direct connection among some diseases and some nutrients. If people are in lack of carotenoids and some minerals, they may suffer from some serious diseases.

Experts can not tell the specific functions of these minerals or other substances. Though people just need very small amounts of these nutrients, many people have paid little attention to them, especially in their foods.

Some studies have found that there are over 1million suffers of AMD in the U.S. Such disease can be avoided by taking sufficient zaxanthin and lutein. Of course, other nutrients are also important.

Some studies have revealed that AMD is a disease that can be inherited. One may run much higher risk of getting AMD than other common people if his or her parents are suffers of this disease. This may be related with some genes.

For example, it seems that some specific nutrients are not very important for human body. But among the people who are inherited sufferers of AMD, their bodies can not produce these substances automatically. That's to say there are some defects in their genes.

AMD can also be caused by some bad habits or physical diseases. Obesity, diabetics, dietary fat, etc. can also lead to AMD. Some investigations have disclosed that many American maintain very bad diet habits. For instance, they eat too much fat every day.

However, foods can not provide sufficient nutrients that people need. Some professors hold that people should intake some supplements of lutein and zeaxanthin if they want to keep health in the long run.

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