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In today’s stressful world, the parents can barely spend quality time with their children leave alone involve themselves with their children’s tastes, aptitude, inclination, choice of friends and everything else. Modern International School (Registered), was started as a school and was strategically situated in Sector 19, on the Main Airport Road, Phase-I Dwarka. Sponsored by the Delhi Government, the school has recently been allocated two Acres of prime land for the Senior Secondary Wing.

The school, established in 2005, aimed at the holistic development and growth and of such children, who came from families that could afford an education, but not time. Then, there were classes only from Nursery to Class VII. The Chairman Mr. B.N. Nigam, an educationist for over 20 years in the field, felt these children needed much attention and decided to develop a school in Dwarka, along International lines with world-class facilities catering to the wholesome development of children.

The campus was designed to offer children with the latest equipment and facilities to nurture so that they could compete with students on an international level. The environment and highly experienced Teaching Staff facilitated a healthy teacher to student ratio of 1: 20 which was considered ideal for each student. The classrooms were well equipped with State of the Art Computer Labs, Libraries and Extra Curricular and Sports Centres.

The school lays a special emphasis on understanding and strengthening the academically weak students, because according to Mr. Nigam, “the ones neglected at home, have lots to express, and we at Modern International School, Dwarka, aim at tapping the potential of such children so that they learn how to creatively divert their bitter feelings arising from their homes, into constructive things that these children achieve at school.”

Mrs Sushma, the Principal cum Manager of the school also a highly qualified educationist with almost the same amount of experience as the Chairman. Today, the school functions full throttle, with a full intake capacity for classes’ right up to the Senior Secondary Level and inculcates high cultural and traditional values in its students by celebrating all the Indian festivals.

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