Nourishing Your Inner Caveman Isn't That Hard!

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Tips To Help Nourish Your Inner Caveman

When you begin this new way of eating, you may try hard but end up slipping up, either because of time or misconceptions. Below are several meal-planning tips to help you start nourishing your inner caveman properly!

Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want. In fact, the more you eat, the better. You can add fresh raw tomatoes as a side dish to just about any meal, including breakfast! Stuff your omelets with your favorite vegetables. Eat a large bowl of fruit for breakfast. There are plenty of ways to enjoy these nutritionally powerful foods without feeling as if you're eating the same old foods every day.

Limit snacking on dried fruits. Technically, you should eliminate all dried fruit. It spikes your glycemic index far too fast. But if you just can't stay away from this type of food, at least try to eat it in moderation. Substitute other snacks -- even moderate amounts of nuts and seeds -- instead of snacking on dehydrated fruit.

Armed with all of this, you're well on your way to nourishing your inner caveman. You're beginning a new journey that will take you into the future healthier and with more vitality, by using the wisdom and evidence of the past. Ironic isn't it?

As you travel, you may encounter a few bumps in the road. Don't let that stop you. Don't let it discourage you. Just take your new eating habits, one meal at a time. You'll discover it's easy to keep on track this way!

Consider the following few tips, tricks, and techniques -- a cheat sheet for your new lifestyle. This succinct list can be a constant reminder of how simple it is to succeed. Review this regularly. Every time you read it, you'll find a different secret you can use to propel you to success!

Below are six tips guaranteed to help you transform your inner caveman from a malnourished ghost into a healthy, robust part of your life!

1. When you eat meat, your first choice should be that from pasture-raised and grass-fed animals. If this isn't possible, choose the leanest cuts of meat.

2. Eliminate, as much as possible, all cereal grains and legumes (and remember the peanut is really a legume in disguise!).

3. If it comes in a box, don't eat it. You can't get much clearer than that, can you? One of the first steps is to stop eating all packaged and processed foods. Yes, I realize you may have to wean yourself off of these. And that's fine. You're at least taking the first step.

4. Say goodbye to dairy products. For me, this was the most difficult part of the program. The only dairy products you can safely eat are butter and small amounts of heavy cream.

5. Eat only when you're hungry. Don't stress if you skip an occasional meal. You will soon get back in touch with your body and it'll let you know when you're hungry!

6. Whenever possible, eat your fruits and vegetables fresh. And eat them without many condiments or sauces. Your ancient caveman didn't set up a fondue pot over his fire.

These tips will help you initially navigate your new eating habits. Soon you won't need them at all.

My name is Allan Stewart and I have several websites dedicated to health and well being for people and pets.

Want to learn more about The Paleo Diet, go to: what is paleo diet Or visit my website at The Paleo Diet for more facts about the Paleo diet.

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