Nose Job – Improving the Nose Structure

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Rhinoplasty or “nose job” is a surgical procedure that involves reshaping the nose to improve its appearance as well as its functionality. This procedure is characterized by incisions and altering of cartilage or bone configuration, depending on what needs to be changed in nose. Common problems requiring rhinoplasty are nose humps and wide nose tips.

These two common cases are obvious and quite unsightly, causing a person to be conscious in facing other people. The hump on the nose is obviously caused by an excess formation of underlying bone structure or cartilage, while a wide nose tip can be due to an abnormal fold of the cartilage at the base. Nose job surgeons normally apply incisions, cutting, alterations and sutures during the operation.

To remove the excess cartilage causing the hump, incisions are made under or inside the nostrils to lift the skin. Once the skin is lifted, the underlying bone structure covered by cartilage is exposed. The initial part of the procedure is necessary to know the amount of cartilage to be cut and the exact region where the cut should be made. Nose job surgeons in developed cities like Los Angeles use x-ray technology before any incision.

Lines are drawn on the surface of the nose prior to incision to be more accurate. The exposed excess cartilage or bone is carved by an “esteotome,” a chisel designed for medical use. The cartilage is easier to carve because it’s a soft kind of bone. Nose job Los Angeles surgeons sedate patients before proceeding with the operation.

In case of a wide nose tip, the nose job Los Angeles involves some stitching. A wide nose tip is mainly caused by a folded cartilage. An incision at the base is made to lift the tissue and expose the fold. After the fold is corrected, the surgeon stitches the incision to close it.

Suturing helps narrow the spread of the cartilage at the base of the nose. After making a single lock-up suture, the skin is closed by another suture. All forms of nose surgery Los Angeles surgeons perform require the operated area to be taped and splinted for one week. After these are removed, the nose will look much better, and the operation is complete.

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