Non-Violence-Inclusion in Latest World News

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Now we have evolved through time. Does this fact make any difference in our nature of violence? The answer is “no”. Various evidences taken from latest news all around the world cue in the same direction. Terrorism taken from Latest World news is one face of that violence. Increasing number of crimes in the world induced by different factors also lead to violence one way or the other. India News has kept us in league with its own records of the same.

Since the dawn of civilization, human beings are trying to coexist peacefully. “Trying to coexist” is because of several reasons. We are violent by nature. We are only trying to avoid such situation because we know it can have drastic consequences as a community. Our fights are on different levels and categories. When we were nothing more than animals, fights used to have two routine issues, food and sex. Issues were different but fights pertaining to them ended on single note of violence.

India: A peace loving Country

Being few of the earliest civilizations, India has a long history. Our ancestors had maintained defining lines to maintain discipline in a part of land. These lines later got translated into political boundaries. Kings, emperors, conquerors or any other name to call them fought others to keep them protected. Wars and battles were their way of life. At the same time, we had kings like Ashoka who took to non-violence after witnessing the misery a war can lead to.

Now we try to follow the path in order to save generations from that misery. In today’s world also, India News never forgets to mention this point whenever a stance is to be taken for war. Peace matters to us for not only for the reasons known to whole world but also due to the reputation we have achieved by it.

India and Pakistan are sworn enemies. Verity of this animosity is given by latest news of stealthy entrance in Indian boundaries and vandalism. Latest world news could not be exempted from acknowledgement of terrorism and share of Pakistan in it, since attack of 9/11 on America.

Violence or Peace

The onus of opting between the two lies on Mankind now. Are we going to follow our basic instinct of Violence? Or will we walk on the roads of Gautam Buddha (Saint) and Mahatma Gandhi (Freedom fighter).First can make Latest world news and India news become pure hatred and blood. Other can give us more time to share heavenly feeling of being Human. Let’s make latest news of peaceful humanity and prosperity not war!

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