Non Surgical Hair Replacement for Women Growing in Popularity

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Non-surgical hair replacement is acquiring a full head of hair without undergoing surgery. The procedure is attaching a thin transparent layer of polyurethane to the scalp, forming a tight membrane which acts as a second layer of skin. The Process provides you with as much additional hair as you need to attain the look you want. Because of this, hair replacement has always been a prominent business.
Due to aging, many people suffer from hair loss that is inevitable anyway. For some people, the effects of hair loss or thinning occur in their early stages of life or before age thirty or forty. More than half of men experience hair loss at some point of time in their lives and many women are affected by hair loss as a result of hormonal and emotional stress, serious illnesses or surgeries. There are many ways to replace or add hair. Non-surgical hair replacement is a means to achieve the desired results in several different ways. It is more cost effective when compared to surgery and can be maintain in the comfort of your own home without taking much time. The hair specialists use toupees, wigs, hair extensions and weaves to fulfill this purpose. There are other methods too, giving recipient a number of options to choose from.

The most undetectable, lightweight hair replacement systems offer a fine layer of skin which of course becomes an extension to the epidermis. The specialty of transparent polyurethane membrane which is widely known as liquid skin, allows the patients underlying scalp skin to be visible, giving a natural appearance at the crown and partings. The modern non surgical hair replacement is thus enabling the user undergone this type of process, to participate in sporting and water activities with complete comfort and confidence. This kind of replacement procedures are widely accepted by a great number of celebrities and sportsmen too. Though surgery has always been an option for hair replacement, other advancements in non-surgical hair replacement have become increasingly popular.
There are few different options in this type of replacement process. Semi-permanent attachments needs a trained technician to fix on your head and can be replaced about once in every six weeks. Hair can also be attached with temporary tape adhesives or metal clips. Temporary tape adhesives lose their grip under conditions like excessive sweating or swim. This may not useful for athletes. Other procedures are there which involve weaving the hairpiece into the individuals existing hair. It offers more security. But the disadvantage is it is uncomfortable when considering dead skin, oil, and hair may accumulate between the hairpiece and the scalp. Likewise, clip attachments are another method which hangs on to existing hair on your scalp. Both Temporary tape adhesives and Clip attachments methods are easy to apply and remove, which requires not much skill, but the natural look is achieved only depends on how you apply the hairpiece.

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