Nokia SIM Free Phones The Going Is Simply Great

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SIM free phones have always retained a special charm for moble phone users. This extra affinity to SI free phones have to do with the fact that the buyers do not need to sign up into a two year long contract and the payment made is one time only and is upfront. This simplicty and straightforwardness appeal to many traditional buyers of mobile phone handsets who would rather be in a situation where they happen to own the new handet than be tied to two year long contract where they have to keep paying monthly instalments, howsover small they are.

The other major attraction with SIM free phones is the fact that the user is free to shift loyalties to other network servic provider if he or she finds the existing network carrier not delivering to their expected levesl. This move is just not possible with the contract mobile phones wherei you cannot move on to a different network carrier till the end of the contract period. Period. Even price wise, the SIM free mobile phones work out lot cheaper than what you you would be ending up paying eventually under a contract plan. You only pay for the Nokia SIM free phone handset Nokia X6, 249.99 and 149.95. And only 109.99 for the Nokia C3 and only 389.99.

Now let us assume that you are requird to pay only 25 per month for 24 months under a typical contract phone deal for each of these smartphones. The total cost obviously works out to lot more to around 600. The only advantage with the contract phone deals is that you are required to pay only small monthly instalments. But even this starts to pinch after, say a six or eight months of time. This estimation is found true of most HTC SIM free phones as well.The HTC Desire costs just 369.99, while the HTC HD2 comes SIM free for only 359.99.

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