Nokia N95 Black

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There are certain features that make certain mobile phones to be placed amongst the best selling on the market. These features include; screen resolution, screen size, memory capacity and a whole lot more other features. Most of the mobile phone companies are in the bid to produce the best selling phone. Market analysis has shown that it not necessarily about how cheap the phone is, but it is about how much it has to offer in terms of mobile phone features. The Nokia N95 Black has got quite a lot of features to offer in the world of mobile technology. These features include some of the these detailed below;

The Nokia N95 black has got a good integrated VGA camera that has got a great screen resolution of up to5 mega pixels. This will enable you to take photos that are very clear and never is quality compromised on the pictures. You are sure to appreciate the picture resolution of this phone.

The phone also shows a great improvement in the world of multimedia. It also comes with the GPS facility integrated into the phone.

The outstanding two way sliding feature makes the phone unique from the other mobile phone brands. This is certainly great innovation on the part of the manufacturers' when it comes to style.

The phone also has a good talk time of up to 390 minutes; this is definitely great for most of us who really enjoy our talk time certainly don't want to compromise it to battery power.

The Nokia N95 comes with a whole lot other features such as, WCDMA and GSM band modes, Wi-Fi and the GPS.

The Nokia N95 is quite small in size and weight with respect to the features that it has. This phone is one that you feel comfortable with in your palm all the time. Certainly it should make its way into one of the top phones when it comes to fashion and style.

Yes, this mobile phone is certainly a must have for anyone who really takes time to appreciate the features on their mobile phones.

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