Nokia Mobiles The name you can always trust on

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Nokia, the largest selling mobile brand in the Indian market, has established itself as one of the most preferred and most reliable mobile brands in the world. Nokia manufactures mobiles for people from all walks of life, be it a cobbler or be it a business tycoon. It sells mobiles across varying price segments including highly economical as well as high-segment luxury handsets. What can be considered the key of the success of Nokia in emerging markets like India is itís the companyís expertise in cost efficient manufacturing that enables it in keeping the price of its handsets highly competitive and lucrative.

From the technological point of view, the Nokia mobile have been appreciated all over the world for their class-leading performance and a revolutionarily sophisticated functioning. The Nokia handsets highly user friendly that even primary school students can operate them without any problems. What differentiates Nokia from other mobile makers is the fact that company gives higher consideration to the quality and reliability of the mobile as against the multimedia features.

The company has recently unveiled its new mobile sensation, Nokia N95 in the Indian market that hosts an array of fascinating integrated features including Global Positioning. The communication process has been made completely hassle-free with the help of an array of sophisticated connectivity features such as Bluetooth and Infrared. The compete more promptly with its rivals in the Indian market, the company has smacked a range of cutting edge premium handsets in the country such as Nokia N91 that can host as much as 3000 songs on its advanced 4 GB hard-disk.

Nokia had started its operations in the Indian market with GSM handsets initially, but now it has also become a major player in the manufacturing of CDMA mobiles also. Besides the quality and reliability, the other major factor that has made brand Nokia the first choice among the buyers is companyís impeccable after sale service. Nokia has been rated at the top in the customer satisfaction as it offers the best service to its customers through its considerably large service network in the Indian market. The brand Nokia has been endorsed by some of the top most celebrities in the country including Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopara.

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