Nokia Mobile Phones The Best in Its Class Phones

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The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia always introduces a unique kind of products. The mobile phones introduced by Nokia are great combination of style and functionality. Nokia makes phones with every latest mobile phone technology coming into the market. The prices of Nokia mobiles might seem expensive when compared to other brands, they compensate the features, quality and functionality provides in these phones.

Nokia E63 is the inexpensive version of the highly popular Nokia E71. Though all the functions of E71 are retained in this phone too, only thing that can strike even at first glance is its exterior. While E71 has a got stylish and professional metallic look, this phone has got the plastic exterior. Unlike the dotted back in E71, this phone has got smooth back. This difference is quite enough to bring down its price to inexpensive category.

The look of E63 is sufficiently robust and is quite bulkier that sleek and slim E71. Its strong and bulky form makes it more durable. This mobile phone features a 2.36 TFT display that is quite large. This QVGA supports up to 16 million colors and 320 x 240 pixels resolution. You can experience very vibrant and sharp text and images on this screen. It offers the option of two customizable home screen modes. The call end button doubles up as the power and ringing profile buttons. The exterior plastic of this phone is finger-print proof and users need not wipe the phone every now and then. Texting with this phone is very easy since it comes with a full QWERTY keypad. In addition, there is a standalone control key. The space bar doubles up as a flashlight activation button.

This Nokia mobile is equipped with Symbian 9.2 operating system with features of feature pack I and some features of feature pack II. This phone has got enough RAM to run several applications at a time. One unique and interesting feature is the Remote Wipe option. This feature was available in E71 also. Remote wipe feature can be used to delete the sensitive data which you do not want share with any body. If your phone gets stolen, you need to send a coded SMS to your SIM card number and your phone gets locked automatically. Then, if more than three unsuccessful attempts are made to unlock the phone, your sensitive data will be deleted.

This phone supports variety of email options such as Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail and more. Other features include MP3 player, Bluetooth A2DP profile, 2MP unit camera, 120MB internal memory, Standard 3.5mm stereo audio port, 3Gsupport with Wi-Fi, VoIP support and more.

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