Nokia 5330 a popular handset

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The Nokia 5300 was launched in 2006. It is one of the most popular handset of Nokia series and is widely sold. This handset is popular among all age groups. The handset has a lustrous slider design.

Specifications and special features of this handset:

It features 240 x 320 pixels (TFT) QVGA display
This device has a camera of 1.3 mega pixels.

It has music buttons on both sides of the phone which makes the users' access easy to it. One can tune into different modes of music player.

This handset also has a FM radio which plays different music stations. It has a standard of 3.5 mm for better sound.

It also has a headset jack. The gadget is empowered with a powerful loudspeaker (stereo). It gives sound output of good quality.

The device also has a removable card (MicroSD) which has a maximum aptitude of 2 GB. The gadget is also powered with an ‘ARM9' CPU which runs at a speed of 237 MHz.

It has BL-5B (Battery) which gives a talk time of 3.2 hours and 223 hours of standby time.

The user can play music for about 12 hours.

The volume of the handset is 85 cc, in weight it is 106.5 g, in length it is 92.4 mm, in width it is 48.2 mm and it is 20.7 mm thick.
The device displays 262 K (262,144) color with a TFT QVGA of 320 x 240 pixels. It has a user interface of S40.

The mobile is integrated with a camera of 1.3 mega pixels. It also has video payer, video recorder. Images can be uploaded as well as downloaded in the phone. It has a memory of 32 MB and the memory of RAM is 16 MB.

Internet Savvy handset

The gadget can surf and browse the internet with the help of GPRS service. The gadget can access various mobile or web sites such as Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Mail, Google, Freindster, You Tube etc.

The stunning features of this device make it efficient, popular and effective.

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